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Possible WritePixelArray bug - OS4.1
Just popping in
2018/3/1 21:08
From italy
Posts: 14
Maybe there's a bug in latest OS4.1 graphics.library, exactly in WritePixelArray() function, when PIXF_CLUT source pixel format is used in combination with 16bit/24bit/32bit destination rastports.
Instead it works ok on 8bit and 15bit destination rastports.

The source array is defined as follow:
UBYTE *GfxMem;

Anyone else noticed same issue? ..Can someone test it?

Edited by flash on 2020/2/2 15:35:50
Edited by flash on 2020/2/2 19:47:35
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Re: Possible WritePixelArray bug - OS4.1
Quite a regular
2006/12/2 0:35
From Sydney
Posts: 688

I think you are a little confused by the terms involved.

CLUT is a lookup table where each pixel's colour is indexed by an 8-bit byte in the bitmap. You can only have 256 different colours at once, although you can choose and change your 256 colours at any time.

The lookup table contains RGB values for each of the 256 colours. Depending on the graphics mode, the RGB values can be any colour resolution (number of bits per colour). Usually 24 or 32 bits per colour are used, but it can be 8, 15, 16 bits depending on the mode (not sure about that).

The bitmap, however, contains only the 8-bit bytes describing the colour number for each pixel; thus it contains only 8-bit data.

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