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Dear Jay! (Jay Miner left us 25 years before)
Just popping in
2006/11/27 17:27
Posts: 233
At this day 25 years passed away without you. You did not know me and I am not so lucky to say I did know you.
Before the broadband digital communication lines built and made it possibble to easily and cheaply transfer information
about people and what they do who lives so far away from each other like us, I hardly known anything about you.

But I did heard about something that was see the light with your contribution. A thing that created marvellous minds
inspired by your thoughts. That thing then inspired others to use a digital machine, a computer, such like does not
used before.
The way how that machine was designed did attracted talented people and their work did amazed me.

Much unfortunate things happened from that sparkling thought that lead to your Amiga, but it was teached to me that things
can be better without limits and everything man can create could reach state of the art if it done with heart.

The name of that thing is today inseparable from your name, and as your remembrance is fading by time the Amiga
is slowly follows you with the addicted ones too like me.

Living today as an Amigan is not so easy, seeing a complicated world which already killed some utopia about how
information technology should be connected to the people to serve.
Maybe just the short-lived nature of the Amiga helped to keep it wholly on the bright side, but I think the spirit that
ruled it sadly missing from a lot of areas of todays.

Don't think there is bitterness in me. Your team gave us a lot and however the last two decade not enriched enough
your legacy, but what we have already is definitively clean, nice and makes pleasure to use.

For my tribute to this time without you, I am going to prepare some updates and some new releases along the rest of the year.
Just some tools and silly games and no dates :)

The first one is SQLMan 0.5 with UTF8 support, which is uploaded today to Aminet and OS4Depot.

Yours sincerely,

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Re: Dear Jay! (Jay Miner left us 25 years before)
Home away from home
2009/7/7 4:34
From Man Cave, Canada
Posts: 2396

nice tribute

For me I'm still amazed we're here today playing, fixing, working, talking, fighting, and building new forms of Amiga

c64-dual sids, A1000, A1200-060@50, A4000-CSMKIII
Indivision AGA & Catweasel MK4+= Amazing
! My Master Miggies-Amiga1000 & AmigaONE X1000 !

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