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Internet News : New Roadshow Webpage online
Posted by AndreasM on 2013/2/6 13:57:51 (1442 reads) News by the same author
Internet News

Today are the new Roadshow Webpage online.

Roadshow is an Amiga TCP/IP stack allows you to connect to the Internet, access your e-mail, web pages, chat, etc. It can also help you access and exchange files within your local home network.


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Author Thread
Published: 2013/2/6 14:18  Updated: 2013/2/6 14:18
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8886
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
Good looking, but imho english should be default, not deutch.
Published: 2013/2/6 16:05  Updated: 2013/2/6 16:06
Home away from home
Joined: 05/19/2007
From: England
Comments: 3581
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
IMHO that wouldn't be an issue... if the way to switch to English was immediately obvious. But instead of the expected brightly coloured English flag in the top right of the page, it's hidden as a piece of plain text along with the rest of the 'menu' lower down, so someone might not even realise there is an English option & so leave the page before they spot the English option.
Published: 2013/2/6 19:30  Updated: 2013/2/6 19:30
Amigans Defender
Joined: 11/26/2006
From: Canada
Comments: 986
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
In the top left corner of the menus there is a large "English" button.
Published: 2013/2/7 7:26  Updated: 2013/2/7 7:32
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8886
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
I know there is english button. You think i can't see it ?:)

English should be by default because all who is here more or less talk/know english , and not german. Its the same if i will make a page in russian, and put an "english" button at top.

As i say its not big deal, just default english is more logical. Everyone who here know more or less english, but not all know even a bit of german. So why make by default language which is not cover everyone ? What reassons for and where is logic ? Its not big deal, just strange and a bit annoing. Like everything firstly for german peoples, and only after, if you not german one, you can swith to english (which, as i say, know everyone who is here, instead of german one).
Published: 2013/2/7 8:40  Updated: 2013/2/7 8:41
Just popping in
Joined: 11/27/2006
From: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Comments: 45
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
Good looking, but imho english should be default, not deutch.

I completely agree, it took a me a short while to find the English button; it's in the most ridiculous place you could ever hope to have such an important piece of functionality.

Also, why people find it necessary to justify every stupid/daft/rubbish thing about anything anyone does involving the Amiga is baffling. Can Amiga orientated people not take criticism these days or what?

The point being, that the site should default to English and the placement of the 'English' link is utterly wrong and counter-intuitive.
Published: 2013/2/7 18:43  Updated: 2013/2/7 18:43
Just can't stay away
Joined: 10/25/2007
From: Gothenburg / Sweden
Comments: 1175
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
I think also it should be english default
Published: 2013/2/7 19:34  Updated: 2013/2/7 19:34
Home away from home
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Italy, Perugia
Comments: 3709
 Re: New Roadshow Webpage online
Agree, english should be the default choice, aniway good news about the website
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