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AmiCygnix Copy And Paste Buffers
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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To all, particularly @cygnusEd.

I am making some updates to an application running in AmiCygnix. I am confused by the copy and paste buffers.

Take LeafPad as an example. I have it open in a fresh AmiCygnix window. Outside of AmiCygnix I can copy and paste some text, let's say from the shell. I can then paste that into LeafPad, fine. But I cannot seem to copy from LeafPad and paste outside of AmiCygnix. Is this expected?

As for my own application, will I need to consider using the clipboard device to handle copy and pasting from outside of AmiCygnix?

Looking for some guidance.

Thank you.

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Re: AmiCygnix Copy And Paste Buffers
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

See User information

You should be able to copy something in Leafpad and paste it into Notepad for example. But it only works with latin characters. If there is for example an UTF-8 encoded character in the copied text that cannot be converted, you cannot paste it into an Amiga program.

Second is: You only can exchange the clipboard buffer by using the key combinations "RAmiga+C" and so on. If you copy text in Leafpad by using the menu item, it will not be copied into the Amiga clipboard. Clipboard support is not fully implemented in GTK+.

There are some clipboard functions in my utility library "libaos4util":

- int __cygnix_write_text_to_amiga_clipboard(char *text, int cbunit);
- char *__cygnix_read_text_from_amiga_clipboard(int cbunit);

I think they are easy to understand. They are using the iffparse.library.

And especially for GTK+:

- void __cygnix_write_amiga_clipboard_gtk2(void); (copies the content of the Amiga clipboard into the GTK+ clipboard)
- int __cygnix_read_amiga_clipboard_gtk2(void); (copies the content of the GTK+ clipboard to the Amiga clipboard)

Sources are in the "amicygnix-base-src.lha" package on OS4-depot.
You can find the GTK+ clipboard code in "Cygnix:CygnixPPC/src/X11R6.3/xc/aos4/misc/__cygnix_init_gtk2.c".

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