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Re: Some news on Quake 2 Update
Just popping in
Just popping in

It’s great project. Maybe opportunity to build Amiga version of the popular go-to software PreMAKE. https://premake.github.io/ With different Amiga configurations. Just a thought.

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Re: Cmake and adtools
Just popping in
Just popping in

For compatibility, we might need decide and agree on all platforms to use specific version every year.

Other options understand

https://developers.redhat.com/blog/201 ... s-backward-compatibility#

Maybe CORBA.

Do we have uptodate tools like Perf profiler hmm.


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Re: What do you want to see on the A1222?
Just popping in
Just popping in

I like to see Doom Eternal, 1080p, via Linux/wine to compare performance.


With Polaris 10 card.


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Re: Announcing David Pleasance to speak at Amiwest 2020
Just popping in
Just popping in


Good news, hopefully we will get some real answers.

Im still concerned the lack of Hyperion Brass presence + explanation and detailed progress of this year especially regarding commitment and AmigaOS API improvements.

Also would like to see Hyperion Entertainment seperate video from the developers themselves, just to remove any doubt that AmigaOS work not gone down to a crawl due to lack of or lowered involvement by Friedens.

Its only right to have a time slot allocated for Hyperion, even if a no show and also an empty seat to show everyone that Hyperion is welcome at their own products show.

Frankly, if Hyperion dont submit a video speech it could be seen as the ultimate disrespect for the users of its own products.

The things AmigaOS needs for 2021 are :

POSIX standards compliance
Abstract Frameworks, DOMs and developer componants.

Auto Function list to library generator

Hardware accelerated HTML and Deserialization of JSON.

Consistant open source firmware across all hardware

Self bootstrappable kernal to any alien cpu in seconds. eg CLisp and SBCL.

Time will tell at Amiwest 2020.

Keep up the great work as usual A++.

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Re: Company<->User communication...Is it still a thing today?
Just popping in
Just popping in


What is needed is a stern talk with Hyperion brass and developers at Amiwest with legal obligations to improving AmigaOS API.

If Hyperion cannot or will not cooperate, the other option would be to take AROS code and create an Amiga foundation to safeguard it future.

A team from all Amiga like parties can be involved in creating new open source components for AmigaOS, while the company’s could sell commercial software that uses those components.

Like the way Mozilla/ Red Hat has a commercial branch to fund further development of business software.

- just my humble opinion.

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Re: Blog about developing the XP-Pen driver and also adding tilt support to SketchBlock
Just popping in
Just popping in


It would be great if you could consider creating build streams on youtube, so one could learn from scratch how to create drivers and get hardware running on Amiga like systems.

Thanks for your hard work. Appreciated.

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Re: SketchBlock Professional Edition 3,4 Now Available from Amistore
Just popping in
Just popping in


Very nice work!

I wonder if the USB driver can be controlled by AREXX for automated debug mode and control testing ?

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Re: Localisation: Is it possible to generate .CT files if you have just CD and Catalog files ?
Just popping in
Just popping in


I wish there was detailed information about the conversion process and how AmigaOS deals with them.

Do you have any links with problems of translating etc.


Why do we need 'inserting things to any place', why not just have English tags to search for ?

If you are searching for Italian 'MSG_MENU_NEW_WINDOW' its either in the old Italian file or its not.

If you match 'MSG_MENU_NEW_WINDOW' , then just get its Italian translation with next read.

If any new message TAG does not exist in an old file, read the version of the file in use, look up on central server if a new version of the file exists, download and use, otherwise notify of a missing message Tag.

Obviously you will need different code to read data looking for the message Tags in serial, having the files temporarily in memory could speed up the search.

If you really don't want to read in serial then have a count of the tags at the beginning of the file, then follow a list of all Tag IDs in the file.

A quick match would know if it exists or not.

Just throwing some thoughts to topic I have no experience with...

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Re: Localisation: Is it possible to generate .CT files if you have just CD and Catalog files ?
Just popping in
Just popping in


All seams overly complicated, maybe have a universal catalogue file for all software to use, easy parse in Json format or new IFF data format.

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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
Just popping in
Just popping in


Where are the temporary files going to ?

I think everything should be done in RAM since its 100x + faster.

Has anyone used RAD: RAM: combo ? just wondering speeds and data alignment.

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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
Just popping in
Just popping in


Maybe get better speed if GCC compiler suite was compiled twice, the latest v8 compiler compiling the v8 compiler suite.

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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
Just popping in
Just popping in


Could a MD5 check be done on files ?

For example SDK 123MD5.zip could be in folder :
SDK/123MD5/123MD5.zip with also SDK/123MD5/123MD5.lha
(if one needs different compressed file on platform).

which then also has


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Re: WPE WebKit
Just popping in
Just popping in


Most of the web technology needs to be abstract away into system wide libraries, so all windows have web tech.
Why can’t my window be broadcast to my screen?
Why can’t today every software be web aware so even a paint package could have own chat, broadcast a stream or get plugins; see and share users work, inter operate web imaging api etc all via system wide web datatypes.
If Hyperion had vision we would have these libraries and tools to help create better software quicker.

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Re: CrossCompiler for C/C++ necessary?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Would love to see a live stream video cross compiling a common Programming environment like MONO/MonoDevelop/MonoGame.

MONO on raspberry PI

Mono is currently ported to every Console / mobile device for write once portability.

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Re: Qt beta
Just popping in
Just popping in


Excellent work as always.

If you want to put Qt to the test maybe a port of the NEW Open Source Paint program that is getting a lot of excitement from artists on other platforms - Krita.

Krita aims to be a Photoshop killer application.


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Re: Boost libraries update?
Just popping in
Just popping in


I heard game devs dont use BOOST as much, as they have faster interfaces.

Here is a link to Electronic Arts Standard Template Library

Which have some efficient routines which may improve our software.



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Re: Amigaone X1000 - 3 years in.
Just popping in
Just popping in


People loved the Commodore Amiga because the hardware was unique. They would be interested in finding out what all the chips do, how powerful it was by accessing the hardware chips in assembler - one has lost that these days.

Just the other day a hardware engineer built a new motherboard - just to learn assembly language (68k with a VDU).

The Amiga chipset was and is Amigas GOLD, not just the hardware but the documentation, the code, the examples for generations of new programmers.

Even TODAY kids cannot learn to program easily on PCs, no magazines with programming examples, no more packman code to type into the late hours, remember the MSX games books ? the C64 code one typed with a sense of achievement - it runs.

The blitter allowed people to imagine what graphics could be created by pushing the limits. they would brag That an effect was done with such small code. That was hardware efficiency and software efficiency combined to blazing speeds never thought of.

Amiga was called 'magic' because it could to everything GFX, audio/midi/video/3D

How would you play programming notes on current AmigaOne systems in one line ?

MSX had a programmable sound generator : -


played musical notes, using Texas Instruments chips.

Amiga dont even have external ROBOT control interface.

Its equivalent of 90s PC.
The whole point in removing chipset was to reduce costs and easily upgrade and it has not even achieved that - to the detriment to every developer who now cannot code because the goalpost keeps changing.

How does a developer access GFX card in assembler now ?

Anyone who says "you dnot need access hardware directly" does not really have a clue. The mass evidence and developers in the world creating devices to do exactly that differ.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Arduino-Start ... t-UNO-Board/dp/B009UKZV0A


Amiga had chance be number #1 programmable hardware devices, learning in hardware and software.

All it needed was a similar board with Amiga chipset on, bang on AmigaOS - to every school, college, university worldwide.


But more important Amiga needs people in control with VISION.

Apple sabotaged Pa Semi - thanks

Microsoft sabotaged Commodore sale (Escom investor also for Microsoft - used Guerrilla tactics - buyout to destroy a company and sit on assets) - thanks

This is the reason why indi hardware and software is the 'buzz' today its small and powerful.

But having custom chipset causes porting problems, Commodore unfortunately never thought about scripting tools that could automate conversion to new hardware.

Today for Amiga, very few make games, make music, make anything fun unfortunately.
This is not because of lack of 'users' one would be always be told, but lack of easy to program developer tools.

Hollywood is one easy to use tool, but it lacks power for professional use.

What Amiga needs is a common developer suite like Visual Studio :

Visual Basic like programming language with OOP & RAD GUI
C/C++ compiler suite with DOM/COM and web/PDF/Gaming API.

Lack of game development tutorials

There are hundreds of programming languages but not one properly integrated suite to work seamless with Amiga to develop games and apps.

SDL and other APIs dont count as you then need keep upgrading/breaking your build and then figure out how one would mix an Amiga Window with GUI and overlay usable custom SDL/GL GUI/XUL elements with it.

In Windows world people obsessed about PDF Editing & printing, but what they wont tell you is that with exactly same PDF on exactly another system the PDF would not print properly, even Microsoft staff cannot solve problem for years.

Try printing A4 page on US letter paper or vice versa.

PDF is a document format not a PRINT format.

Amiga must not follow this dreaded path. keep with Postscript printing - the universal printer language. we just need some editors.


Due to difference in driver, setting, printer accuracy

Programming has become IT, with Game makers instead of good tools, broken tool chains, incompatible apis - will it ever end ? maybe a UNIVERSAL Amiga ASSEMBLER with GPU/OpenCL access ?

Its a horrid horrid mess and a serious one.

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