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Re: Torn between accelerators

Now finished playing with this Blizzard 1230 MK IV its also for sale. [URL="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263117244852"]Link[/URL].

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1230 MKIV 128MB & FPU, 4GB DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1
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Re: Torn between accelerators

Ok after considering what's possible with the 030 /68882 50MHz you only need to look at something like TBl's Tint demo. The 060 is going to cost me at least twice as much but up to three times as much. My Blizzard's 030 chip is a revision C so the whole thing runs with a moderate temperature. If I got another 060 (had one years ago) it would run more stuff but the it would be like what about PPC/Picasso/audio card etc. So going to stick with the B1230/50MHz/64MB/FPU. Thanks to all who put opinion across on here and the other forums I posed this question.

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Torn between accelerators

I am seriously torn between running a Blizzard 1220 card, a Blizzard 030 and an 060 board. The modest board shows the Amiga off with just 4MB fast mem. The 030 with 64MB is both compatible and powerful but it can't run the latest big demoscene productions and the 060 is expensive and impressive but least compatible for classic games. Only room for 1 Amiga. Which should I stick with?

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Some great shots of the Phase 5 Blizzard 1230 MK IV

Some of the images on this board are particularly small or not very clear. So I took several pictures at various angles with this legendary accelerator. Feel free to use the files anywhere you like.




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Re: Ulimate Amiga Poll


I realized my mistake but then thought it was quite funny so I left it.

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Ulimate Amiga Poll

Democracy isn't dead. Make sure you take part in the poll hosted at aw.net:


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Classic Amiga PSUs

I received my new Amiga PSU from Ray Carlsen yesterday (thanks RobertB for showing me the way). I ordered it just a week ago. Ray, is a gentleman and is passionate about electronics.

The PSU is of a high quality look and feel and there are no heat or audible indications that it is even breaking into a sweat powering my 030 A1200.

Ray's PSU is a dual 110/240v supply. He can wire a second output for an A590 type expansion if required. To save me wiring my own UK plug onto the mains cable, or using an adaptor, Ray instead installed an IEC "kettle plug" socket on the PSU so I can simply use a Peee Ceee mains lead.

Very, very impressed. And whilst not a goliath in terms of output, it runs an upgraded Amiga with ease without the need for a noisy fan. If you need a replacement Amiga or C64/C128 PSU, look no further!

Link to Ray's website
Power Supplies section of Ray's website.

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Put together another classic machine

Added a few upgrades to an Amiga 600, which is almost as cute as my cat.


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Re: Anyone into Ham Radio?

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1230 MKIV 128MB & FPU, 4GB DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1
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Has anyone heard this guy? Some of the best elecrtronic music I have ever heard!

Kebu YouTube Channel

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Re: Deathbed Vigil: now on Amazon

I have a signed copy bought direct from Dave and another included with Amiga Forever 2012. Great video. So sad how it all ended with Commodore.

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1230 MKIV 128MB & FPU, 4GB DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1
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Re: sorry

Just the blogging :(

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I never really get around to doing lots of interesting Amiga projects yet alone write about them.

Bye bye.

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Commodork Book

I originally posted this over at aw.net but thought it might be of interest here too:

I stumbled across a book called Commodork: Sordid tales of a BBS junkie by Rob O'Hara on the Amazon Kindle store (paperback version also available). It is about a guy's journey from the late 70s' through to the 90s, using Apple, Commodore and PCs.

It doesn't feature Amigas but makes a mention of them, but the book would certainly have similarities with many of our early computing lives - BBSes, IRC, Warez, Copyfests and parties with like minded geeks (Big Bash in Peterborough comes to mind)

I have done a mini review on my blog here.

If this book sounds up-your-street, check it out. For Kindle users, it is under a pound, so not a great risk to give it a go!

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Re: My A1200 MP3 Jukebox!

Both projects looking good chaps!

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Re: Gods, Xenon and Blood Money Mix


Good mixing!

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Re: Anyone into Ham Radio?


Hehe it is excellent. The filtering and DSP are amazing.

Antenna Pics:

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Anyone into Ham Radio?

Just got a new Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-7900:


Already done a contact with someone in Venezuela on 20M.

73 DE Mike M0SAZ

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Re: Amiga History Help needed!


Is this to be a book like "On the Edge" but with total emphasis on the history of the Amiga? I know people would love a book like that.

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Re: New Amiga Keyboard



BigBentheAussie wrote:

Do you have a lawyer on retainer?

Don't worry about that, Hyperion are still doing the washing up as their Lawyers from the Amiga case. Only about 20,000 more dishes to wash then they can Sue TheDaddy.

I think they would be reasonable about it, its not exactly a conflict of interest.

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