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Win 3.11 on workbench (better view)
Win 3.11 on workbench (better view)Popular
SubmitterkvasirMore Photos from kvasir   CategoryAmigaOS Screenshots   Last Update2009/8/1 9:04
Hits3384 Comments3   
Another PC-Task shot showing how my Win 3.11 setup looks after a fresh boot.

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Author Thread
Published: 2009/8/1 19:09  Updated: 2009/8/1 19:09
Just popping in
Joined: 11/27/2006
From: Wisconsin, USA
Comments: 140
 Re: Win 3.11 on workbench (better view)
Yes, another case of running windows on an Amiga because I'm bored and I can. Though it has proven useful, for e-mailing documents that people insist on being in a microsoft format. MS-works 3.0 works well, and everyone in the windows world can read that. Though AmigaWriter (what I usually use) only exports RTF ascii, so some reformatting is usually required. With fullscreen, the largest dynamic compilation buffer, and virtually all 192MB of my Fast RAM, its actually pretty responsive. Nothing in the background is, however. This requires me to log off the network, kill all extra programs, and let Microsoft take over the computer. Or I just run it with a large buffer and deal with the typing lag. (Imagine logging into an IRC server on the other side of an ocean over a 300 baud modem, the response time is about the same) Though the theme is a case of an Amiga pretending to be a PC, pretending to have an Amiga GUI. Also, Win95 is on a smaller partition because I don't use it much. Unless I have insomnia, which helps alot.
Published: 2009/8/2 3:59  Updated: 2009/8/2 3:59
Home away from home
Joined: 07/07/2009
From: Man Cave, Canada
Comments: 2979
 Re: Win 3.11 on workbench (better view)
I like it 80% of the stuff I do on my Miggys nowadays is just to see if something actually works
Published: 2009/8/2 6:15  Updated: 2009/8/2 6:15
Just popping in
Joined: 11/27/2006
From: Wisconsin, USA
Comments: 140
 Re: Win 3.11 on workbench (better view)
TY. Unfortunately, I remember when 80% of the stuff I did on the Amiga was a formidable challenge to the Windows fans at the computer club. If only I had this system back then.... Wait, I did have this system back then. (@ least the Mobo, with a 68030 and 8MB RAM.)

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