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Windows 3.11 WFW on PC-Task
Windows 3.11 WFW on PC-TaskPopular
SubmitterkvasirMore Photos from kvasir   CategoryAmigaOS Screenshots   Last Update2009/8/1 8:20
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Another screenshot, with PC-Task running Windows 3.11 WFW. Windows 3.11 is configured to use Calmira as a shell (makes it look/act like Win95), with some obvious "customizations". Also, I have iconified diskspace meters for drives C:, D:, and E:, as well as a CPU usage graph. (Probably not too accurate, though) Tried converting some NewIcons into windows .ICO files, though this was painful at best. And the results aren't that good. A: is mapped to my USB floppy drive, B: to my external 880K drive (internal floppy isn't working for some reason), C: to Winblows95:, D: to Winblows31:, E: is a ramdisk (c:\windows\ramdrive.sys, W95 version works with 3.11), and F: is set to scsi.device,2 via the included pctcdrom.sys file. All letter drives are accessable via my workbench, except for the ramdrive. Resolution is @ 800x600x256 colors, Video7 mode, with mouse, pc-speaker, serial(nullser.device,1), and parallel ports turned on. Also, the autoexec.bat contains a boot selector, allowing me to choose from the command prompt, Dosshell, win 3.11 w/ progman.exe, win 3.11 w/ calmira.exe, or win95 OSR2. (Patch needed to run 3.11 + W95 OSR2 as a dual-boot) This way, I don't need to swap the C: and D: values when running pc-task!

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