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Re: SkillGrid - new AGA game in the works
Quite a regular
2006/12/6 0:11
From Italy
Posts: 549
I have about 100 kB of RAM and 4 kB of floppy space left, and I'm trying to come up with something to use them and make the game better before releasing it.
One of the options I'm considering is adding a little sub-game based on this dot-matrix engine I wrote a few months ago:


I've been itching to make a game with it for a long while, but I never came up with an idea that convinced me. This really feels like the proper occasion to use it.

For the tech geeks...
This engine for AGA Amigas displays 4 colors (+ background color), has chunky dots (i.e. each dot can be written or read with a single byte memory access), and doesn't require any chunky-to-planar conversion (i.e. it's almost as if it were a hardware native video mode). I have a few variants of it, including one that has non-dotted background graphics.

For the curious ones...
Computer simulations of pinball dot-matrix displays fascinated me ever since I saw Pinball Fantasies. In fact, I've faked them in a couple of my games (an unreleased game and the old versions of MeMO) and even based a whole game (Huenison) on them. Less than one year ago I pulled my A1200 out of the closet and powered it up again. It had been many years since I had coded something for it, and this is one of the results of the experiments I started doing on it.

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