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Backup question
Just popping in
2012/2/15 11:05
Posts: 91
The problem: I have a 200GB DOS\07 volume I want to backup to an SMB shared FAT32 volume.
The solution : Lha to shared volume (file flags & comments preserved to a strange FS).

Unsolvable issues :
1. How do you split the .lha to multiple volumes ( v2.15 seems problematic) ?
2. How do you exclude directories from om archive (e.g. Trashcan)? -W Exclude filenames seems also broken.

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Re: Backup question
Home away from home
2006/11/26 21:45
From A haunted Castle somewhere in the Bavarian Mountains
Posts: 3080

1) lha your data to a local HDD (if it takes that much into one lha file, that is)
2) "Sploin" them to smaller chunks
3) Copy them over

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Re: Backup question
Just can't stay away
2006/11/24 18:52
From Gloucestershire, UK.
Posts: 1146
The easiest way is to create a temporary drawer on the source volume and move eveything you want to backup into it. Then use:

lha a -3reFV1073741824 dest:archive.lha source:temp/

-3 = Use -lh6- compression
-r = recursive
-e = archive empty directories
-F = Use fast progress display
-V = Enable/set multivolume size(KB)

this should give you upto 200 archive files of 1GB each.

Amiga user since 1985
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