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Re: We so need an updated browser!
Home away from home
2007/9/11 11:31
From Russia
Posts: 4517
If only there was anyone with money and reall will to have browser, then that can be pretty easy : just hire for a full time job for few years someone like Fab, and Odyssey will be up2date with all fancy stuff.

I mean, its enough to find out any adequate and skilled developer and hire him for a real job. Maybe even not from amiga world, as proffesionals can do anything and learn fast. And better make it not remote , but reall full time job in office, so, that one who will hire him, can everyday control what is done and what is not.

All those bounties it is nothing in compare with real payment today's programmers got.

And all those "firefoxes" is no go for us. It is enough to see how that amiga port of firefox ends up.

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Re: We so need an updated browser!
Quite a regular
2009/6/1 13:11
From Germany
Posts: 728
You are right.
The best way is to update Odyssey.There are two possibilities.
We hire a full-time developer for 3-6 month.
Then we would have an up to date webbrowser with new webkit engine, hardware compositing video playback(for videos up to 720HD),WebGL over Warp3DNova, new SSL, new downloadmanager etc.
This will cost us 15000-30000 Euro.
Daniel Müßner would be a suitable candidate for this job.

We create a team of 10 sparetime developer, they will do it only for donations, fame and honor. Then we can expect nothing, they do this work only in her sparetime.

That Odyssey is so much out of date is a very bad condition.

AmigaOne X1000 Betatester A1-X1090
AmigaOne X1000/4GB Ram/Saphire Radeon 7850 1GB/256GB SSD HD/2GB CF Card/RTL8169Network/
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Re: We so need an updated browser!
Home away from home
2007/5/19 13:23
From England
Posts: 3537
@kas1e Quote:
It is enough to see how that amiga port of firefox ends up.

Timberwolf worked quite well, just very slow - but this was expected due to lack of optimisation (and _would_ have been fixed later, once all bugs fixed).

Not saying that a Firefox port would be a good idea *now*. Firefox is currently in a state of very heavy flux (not good for us), and now depends quite heavily on Rust (which would also need porting). OTOH, since OS4 is moving towards using NGFS as it's primary filing system, getting Timberwolf working reliably might be easier now (no need to worry about database behaviour on several different filing systems, just NGFS).

Probably Odyssey would be the least amount of effort to get good results. (It 'only' needs Endian issues of JavaScript/etc fixing in WebKit. And it sounded like BigFoot got very close, before running out of spare time and/or motivation.)

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I love using Amiga OS4.1
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue...
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Re: We so need an updated browser!
Just can't stay away
2007/2/23 13:49
From Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Posts: 1086
I'm looking for a new job if any of you guys want to hire me to your company. And I'm familiar with Amiga stuff.

Rock lobster bit me, so excuse me.
X1000 + AmigaOS 4.1 FE. Be authentic.
"Anyone can build a fast CPU. The trick is to build a fast system." - Seymour Cray
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