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Software News : AIBOT (game) released
Posted by Bugala on 2018/7/28 21:06:17 (309 reads) News by the same author
Software News

AIBOT is a test game of an educational game idea aimed at teaching coding principles to a player. It was made for Christiandevs Speedgame 2018 competition and received a honorable mention.

In AIBOT you are controlling a robot through coding its movement, mainly with an aim of getting to a certain location at a level. Completing a level will open up new levels and give money to buy more commands for your robot to use.

You can save your robot's code that you have created, or if you are stuck, you can even load pre-existing code to see how to beat the level. As it is in coding for real, so in this game too; there are multiple ways to reach the goal, and it is limited only upon player's imagination to figure out which exact way to complete them.

You can see a bit about the game from this Apostolic Game Designers video about Speedgames 2018:

(AIBOT starts at about 6:20 location)

AIBOT is available through Aminet: http://aminet.net/search?query=aibot

And through Indiego Appstore:

AOS3: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadApp ... 1a38e837e6a5c85a33e094bd5
AOS4: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadApp ... ba4216a95b5eddae992ebd214
AROS: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadApp ... a4be53578952b888c6ea3a1c7
MorphOS: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadApp ... 71e95bbebc227c13b827f369c
Windows: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadApp ... 975ca993c7bf8f2dfae55b010

Notice that this was made with Hollywood using power-heavy ways for graphics, so you need a very powered-up machine to have even a chance for this to work on Classic Amiga computers.

This was designed to be played on 1920 x 1080 resolution, any other resolution requires Hollywood to scale all the graphics, making it heavier to run. It is well possible that slower AOS4 machines wont be able to run this properly, but it have not been tested.

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