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Software News : OO library v1.1 released for AmigaOS4.x
Posted by TSK on 2018/1/6 1:52:52 (363 reads) News by the same author
Software News

OO library v1.1 released for AmigaOS4.x (4.1 FE update 1 highly recommended)

OO library brings object class style and easier programming to plain C language and AmigaOS. OO library makes also possible to create GUI's using GUIML (Graphical User Interface Markup Language). OO library contains several classes to use. (Note: C language still don't have features of object oriented programming.)

OO library takes advantage of resource tracking feature of the Exec library to track all of the created objects and free them from memory (automatically) if the software crashes and the user decides to kill the crashed software.

Several examples are included in the archive: Drawerview, GUIfromGUIMLfile, KeyValuePairs, SamplePlayer, SimpleAudio, SimpleDOS, SimpleGUI, SimpleHTTP, SimpleServer, SimpleVideo, SimpleSpaceShooter.

You can find it from os4depot.net.

Changes to v1.1:
! Fixed really nasty bug in BitMap image class causing memory corruption
- Fixed some bugs in File class
- Fixed some bugs in header files and documentation
- Added DOS object into the main interface, former DOS object changed to OO_DOS object in headers (and code)
- Added more functions to DOS class
- Added Server class into the Network class
! Added Graphics class into the Space gadget class
- Added Random class to main interface
- Added AInput (AmigaInput) class to Tool class
- Added Audio class to Tool class
- Added Video class to Tool class
Requirements: avcodec2.library, avformat2.library, avutil2.library, swresample2.library, swscale2.library
- Added PicFlow class to Tool class
- Moved Timer class under Tool class, Timer class is still available in main interface for compatibility
- Added Requester class to Tool class
- Added more functions to Tool class
- Added functions to multiple classes
- Fixed some bugs in examples
- Added few new examples

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Author Thread
Published: 2018/1/6 4:09  Updated: 2018/1/6 4:09
Home away from home
Joined: 07/07/2009
From: Toronto, Canada
Comments: 2252
Published: 2018/1/9 0:15  Updated: 2018/1/9 0:15
Just can't stay away
Joined: 11/24/2006
From: Sanremo
Comments: 1762
Thanks, that's really an interesting project, very useful imho :-)
Published: 2018/1/18 12:51  Updated: 2018/1/18 12:53
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/23/2007
From: Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Comments: 1088
 Version 1.2 available
Version 1.2 with bug fixes is currently available from www.os4depot.net.

OO package contains few examples (compiled). The Simple Space Shooter game (Space Invaders style) is included if anybody wants to test.
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