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Software News : Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
Posted by JosDuchIt on 2012/1/12 13:00:30 (1360 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Version 3.8.7 of Gui4Cli, an interpreted event driven language developed by D.Keletsekis is now officially released.

Gui4Cli is an ideal language for beginning programmers

Download first gui4cli the basic archive and install.

Then download the AOS4 update of the Gui4Cli executable at gui4cli.com
(Only file included: Gui4Cli which should replace the 68k executable guis:Gui4Cli)

Have a look at my homepage for more downloads and at my blog

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/1/12 13:42  Updated: 2012/1/12 13:46
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 5200
 Re: Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
Intersting, but just a small notice for helping users in future:

Will be good if user can just go at page, and see "download OS4 version" (or os3, depends), on which link he press and have pakage which have: readme, docs, guides, binaries and necessary includes or whatever. As it now, its a bit messy, because need dowload binary, then download guide, then check readmes. But when it all in one archive, its all easy for everyone.

Also maybe some small example code which show what is that and how to start and so on can be helpfull as well.

As i read it use gadtools ? But maybe it will be better to swith lets say to reaction (if os4 only) or to mui (if crossplatform) ? Gadtools are old, with all the limitations in terms of settings and interfaces. I think that can be one of major reassons why not everyone will in interst about.
Published: 2012/1/12 18:38  Updated: 2012/1/12 18:38
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/09/2009
From: Brussels Belgium
Comments: 1121
 Re: Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
I don't know what happened : the links i gave disappeared from the news item i proposed.
How can this happen ?
See http://users.online.be/AD/ for essential downloads. They come with extensive tutorial examples.
Published: 2012/1/12 19:40  Updated: 2012/1/12 19:40
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 5200
 Re: Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
I am talking about putting everything in one archive. I.e. Gui4Cli_aos4.lha , and in it:


So users just downalod 1 single archive, which have everything inside. Because bothering over the site, for found all the parts will be a bit annoing for users.
Published: 2012/1/13 15:31  Updated: 2012/1/13 15:31
Just can't stay away
Joined: 01/06/2008
From: Pennsylvania, USA
Comments: 1312
 Re: Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
I don't think it's an OS4 native program when all the supporting commands are still 68k. The GUI command and all the ones in the GUIs:c directory are 68k. Can you compile an "all-native" version for OS4?
Published: 2012/1/14 20:04  Updated: 2012/1/16 9:15
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/09/2009
From: Brussels Belgium
Comments: 1121
 Re: Gui4Cli interpreted language version 3.8.7 for AOS4
I edited my initial post twice and still the link pointing to the OS4 executable is identified as 'Gui4Cli.com


First download
- http://gui4cli.com/ami/progs/gui4cli.lha (Gui4Cli3.8) is needed and interesting as basic archive because it has all the needed info (guide, readme, tutorial and realworld examples?...) and an installer doing the job expected well.
- http://users.online.be/AD/Gui4Cli3.8.7_OS4.lha is the oS4 compiled Gui4Cli executable.

Now just exchange the 68 k Gui4Cli (V3.8) executable with the OS4 3.8.7 executable.

More info:

- i did not recompile 'gui'. It it is a loader that works OK and has nothing to do with Gui4Cli's functionality
- the 68k commands in Gui4Cli/c work ok and i did not recompile them.
They are not essential. You can put in there any command you want to use with Gui4Cli and that you don't want to put in c:

If you have more problems will you please use the forum or mail me directly?

I don't read the news every day.
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