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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2014/1/27 16:27:55


Aniway a curiosity, are you recompiling with the latest LibICU of you are coming back using the same old version used by Fab ?

I do it like Fab to avoid any problems and mess in which very easy to bring yourself. Check any morphos version starting from 1.17: You will found there Resources/icudt49b/ directory 17mb of size, that is that what we have previously in libicudata.a , which was attached to main binary (same as it was before on morphos till 1.17 of course). Then , since 1.17 all that icu data-stuff go out external to that place , and all necessary code to handle all those files are in odyssey now. So making a mess with new versions of libicu while we all know how it all done, will make big, fat, unnecessary and wrong mess without needs.

In other words all logical, you can be sure :)


Great .. once the first binary will be done it would be pretty interesting to check if the video part will work as is (using cybergraphics emulation) or not, then of course the speed of them under our little machines ..

I assume it will crashes right away :) And because of needs to open somewhere some more interfaces, and because there somehow will be again differences with os4/mos of how they handle some datas , and because cybergraphics stuff will not works (as our cgx emulation includes is not full, i generate my own based on morphos's FD files for "cgxvideo" ). Will it works, or not to be seen, but i assume not. At least overlay i think will not and p96 replacements will need.

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