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Re: MIDI keyboard

Subject: Re: MIDI keyboard
by LyleHaze on 2020/1/14 0:22:16


Sorry I'm late, I had some trobule logging in.

"Classic" MIDI ports (5 pin DIN) are serial at 31250 baud.
USB Midi ports are MUCH FASTER. so if all others things are equal, take the USB port.

Most devices with both will let you use the MIDI ports as an interface if you're connected by USB, so you get a couple classic ports for free.

camd.library is now part of a normal OS4 install.
camdmidi.usbfd is now part of a normal OS4 install.

There are a set of tools (mostly CLI) on OS4Depot called "camdtools".
From there you can find a command line program called "showclusters" that will list all MIDI clusters. if you plug in a compatible device, it will show up in that list.

I have a newer version that re-prints all cluster names on every change. So that is convenient. I don't think I've uploaded it anywhere yet.
Ask if you want it, very short simple program.

SoftSyn was a good effort, but I gave it up. "Timi" does a MUCH better job. It is a contribution, so you can find it on your OS4 install disks.

A good "simple" MIDI player is CAMDPlay, also from OS4Depot.
It LOOKS simple, but it took along time to get it just right.

I will answer questions as time allows, especially now that I can login here again (Thanks George!)


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