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Re: X5000 GPU

Subject: Re: X5000 GPU
by Hans on 2019/1/15 8:39:42


Judging by you starting this thread, I'm guessing that Wazp3D's experimental Warp3D Nova backend isn't performing well enough yet?

Answering your questions directly:
I have radeon RX GPU in my X5000, it is working well but older games that needs MiniGL (AvP, Quake etc) are not working here so I'm thinking to buy another R5 230 Radeon GPU. Is it compatible with MiniGL?

No. That's an Evergreen card. Sadly, no 3D drivers were ever released for that series.

Or would You recommend some other one?

The lowest cost one would be a Radeon R7 240.
NOTE: Avoid the R7 240D, as it's a 64-bit card with very low performance.

From the readme, the other choices are:
- Radeon HD 7750-7970 series graphics card (excluding the Radeon HD 7790)
- Radeon R7 240/250X/265
- Radeon R9 270/270X/280/280X

Does it need any aditional drivers to buy from A-Eon?
I have Enhancer + and upgrade to 2.0 bought already

For legacy Warp3D and MiniGL support you'll need that W3D_SI driver, which is separate from the Enhancer pack.

Can I have both gpus connected in MB and switch between them after reboot and by reconnecting monitor?

Others have already answered this.

Is it worth buying it at all?

If you want to play existing MiniGL games and use software like Blender right now, then probably yes. We have no idea when Wazp3D's Warp3D Nova backend will be fully-featured, or when MiniGL Reloaded will be released.

We are slowly getting more games that use Warp3D Nova (via GLES2/GL4ES), but don't have updated GL4ES versions of all existing games yet.

Ultimately, whether it's worth it or not depends on what you want to do.


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