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Re: Amigabounty.net not able to accept donations atm.

Subject: Re: Amigabounty.net not able to accept donations atm.
by Snuffy on 2010/8/14 19:58:34

Wow, what a thread! Everyone here seems think PayPal, a subsidiary of EBay in the USA is evil. I've been a client for years. I have no idea where you get your information. I suspect it starts with as Joerg states:
The main problem with PayPal is that most users don't read, or if they do don't understand, their TOS...
Well, It's simply called a 'contract' of term$ ; who, what, when where, and how much, for how long, and why! I've used PayPal with AmigaKit for years and payed a lot of you developers donations with it, and bought stuff from all over the internet, and never a problem. But now, I'm getting a little perturbed by the these accusations.

Basically it's all a matter of how they should treat us (the association) regarding tax. When Amigabounty association was started I contacted Paypal and changed our status to non-profit and that's when the problems started.
Exactly! It has nothing to do with commerce; revenue towards goods and services. Umm, who pays for Internet security services or anything else connected to the bounty maintenance? Did anyone discuss percentages on the bounty going towards the PayPal sevices? Hey, nothing gets done for free. I thinking of writing PayPal about this. It might be interesting to see what's the deal.

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