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Re: Emotion - the commercial version?

Subject: Re: Emotion - the commercial version?
by Gregor on 2021/9/1 10:02:53


Thank you for your answer!

> I have the commercial version and it works very well indeed, including with streams.

How does it behave with m3u8 multistreams? Does it just select automatically one resolution, or can you select it by yourself?

> However I should point out that the limitation for HD videos is the underlying graphics system, not Emotion.
> You need VA library support, and that is currently only for RadeonRX cards. With RadeonHD SI cards you get 480p
> in just about every supported codec, and some 720p videos, depending on code.

So, doesn't the graphics board and it's properties have ANY effect on the video performance? Do you get the exactly same performance from e.g. a HD 5450 with DDR3 and a R9 280X with GDDDR5, as neither of them has VA library support?

When looking at the performance test results for X5000 from HDRlab's pages, there seems to be only two categories what comes to the "Memcopy speed, RAM to VRAM", the lower group including all boards up to HD 6000 series, and the higher with HD 7000 and newer boards. Copying speed of the newer group (slightly over 500 MiB/s) is double of that of the older ones, independently what memory type is used on the boards. Doesn't even that difference have effect on the video performance?

> It does not seem to play MP3 streams, at least not for me. For that there is AmigaAMP3 or TuneNet.

Ok, that is not a big problem...

I noticed that Emotion can be purchased both via AmiStore and from Alinea. Is there any difference between those sources? Is the version the same, and can it be updated similarly if there will be newer versions? It would be easier to buy it from Alinea as AmiStore behaves sometimes unexpectedly, and I do not use Paypal...

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