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Re: Streaming twitch.tv on AmigaOS 4.1

Subject: Re: Streaming twitch.tv on AmigaOS 4.1
by K-L on 2019/8/24 21:54:59


On X1000, I'm using this parameters :

autoplay = True
verbose = False
vPlayer = "appdir:mplayer-altivec"
vPlayerArgs = "-really-quiet -fixed-vo -forceidx -framedrop -fps 30 -vo comp_yuv2 -ao sdl -autosync 30 -cache 8192"
sPlayer = "APPDIR:ffplay"
sPlayerArgs = "-loglevel quiet -infbuf -skip_frame noref -sync audio"

twitchQualityWeight = [

Important for ffplay : -sync audio (it avoids sound hick ups).

For Mplayer, it's the best I found to avoid sound hick-ups (there are still some but far less than without these options).

This config applies only for X1000 (and maybe X5000).

I wish I could use Emotion for everything.


Would it be possible to have different parametrers for live streaming and recorded streams ?

MPlayer can cope with 720p30 videos whereas ffplay (which would really benefit of a -compyuv2 option too) can only cope with 480p30 videos.

Multi-edited to improve Mplayer options

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