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Re: Amiga Security Faq

Subject: Re: Amiga Security Faq
by Mitch on 2006/12/3 8:01:46


3. AmigaOS online as a client
3.0 Suitability
3.1 TCP/IP stacks
3.1.1. AmiTCP
3.1.2. Miami
3.1.3. Roadshow


3 AmigaOS online as a client

3.0 Suitability

Is AmigaOS suitable as a client? One of the main problems with AmigaOS being used as a network client isn't the OS itself but the version of the protocol or software that runs on it. A lot of these are backlevel or have been undertested.

You can use "old" applications like FTP, HTTP and TELNET on your local network if you like but you need to be aware of a few things:

A lot of the protocols that were designed for these applications were written in a more innocent time. They pass data in plain text ( ISO codepage at best ) and this means that they can be snooped on at the clients network or the servers network by a hostile third party. Because of this when you fill out a password and send it over one of these protocols it is like sending out a letter with the private contents on the outside - great so long as no one reads it on its way!

Client issues are closer to the general client issues that we encounter on all other operating systems, but there still is the flaw in that we can't prevent or limit a bad client application from screwing up your system unlike on Operating Systems that support security credentials.

Even on your home or business network you shouldn't consider yourself safe, especially if you use any wireless devices. You need to assume that someone may get into your home network at some point and you don't really want them to sniff out your passwords, bank details or even family photographs showing your children, your car registration plate or your house number.

Consider use secure alternatives, even if they have some flaws because they can act as a deterrant or delay.

At the end of this FAQ is a table which shows which clients and servers are rated for use in varying scenarios.

The client ones are:

AA -HOMESINGLE - A home user connected to the internet directly with no other computer on the local network.

AB - HOMENETWORK - A home user connected to the internet directly whom is using software based network connection sharing with one other computer on the local network.

AC - HOMESINGLEFIREWALL - As HOMESINGLE but behind a consumer firewall.

AD - HOMENETWORKGATEWAYFIREWALL - As HOMESINGLE but sharing and consumer firewall device are the same ( not the computer ).

AW - HOMEWIRELESS - Any A? scenario with a wireless device.

We strongly recommend reading up information on how to secure your wireless traffic properly no matter if you are in an urban or rural area. If you can't secure it with your device, throw it away or invest time in setting up a Virtual Private Network ( not covered in this FAQ ) to resolve some of the issues.

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