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Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"

Subject: Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"
by Hans on 2014/5/16 3:46:43


And the notion that Hyperion or any other entity is silent because it doesn't want to give false hopes is not accurate. That's because promises ARE still made... and then followed up by years of silence on progress. Enough of this cycle... let's have real progress reports.

I don't think that "false hopes" is the reason. IIRC, the last time that Hyperion posted on AW.net, they were driven away quite forcefully. You may personally respect Hyperion, ACube, etc., but it's pretty clear that others do not. The community reaps what it sows...

That's not to say that Hyperion is perfect. However, the comments here suggest that people want to put the blame squarely on them. The truth is that the communication breakdown is a bidirectional one.

The lively ongoing development of LiveForIt Mplayer, Dopus5 and Odyssey (with a lot of end user beta testing) in 2014 have been great highlights for me personally, that have really genuinely pushed forward what the AmigaOS4 platform can do. We have seen a lot of collaboration done on these projects, and they are great for building interest too! I am certainly more engaged and wanting to do more with my X1000 as a result.

More of this kind of development please...

Yes, we need a lot more of this kind of development. The OS developers can't do it all alone, and drivers are kind of boring without applications that take advantage of them.

I'm glad to finally see more developers take advantage of compositing. One of the reasons why I created the Composite3DDemo, was to try to inspire others to see what they could do with compositing. Back then I was a bit disappointed with the lack of response. So, it's nice to see that more developers are taking advantage of it. Apart from the MPlayer improvements, it's also quite effectively used in Ace of Hearts (and AmiBoing's games, of course).

If you're a developer, then please create stuff. Don't wait until "feature X" is available in the OS; work with what we have now.

If you can't code, try learning. You might actually enjoy it. I think that Hollywood is a great system to learn the basics with, and its multimedia capabilities make it easy to create nice looking results quickly. Ignore any disparaging comments about "bloatware" or not being "real coding." My introduction to programming was with crappy BASIC scripts on a C64.


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