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Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!

Subject: Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!
by kas1e on 2013/4/19 10:48:41

Just in case: most of hard and annoying work done by Xenic - its him who start rewriting library, and do big part of it. Without him dunno if anything will going that fast at all.


"file format sniffer"

Yep, that cool feature. Yesterday i talk with jPV , hi put me on many cool features, for example:

inline editing
it's the best feature ever. you can go up and down when editing filenames: You have defined some mouse action for that in prefs.. lets say middle mouse button. then click mmb over some file in name mode lister and start editing names.. just like in text editor, you can move to all directions with arrow keys. that's been very useful feature when i was handling lots of files with trading.

and btw. that inline editing works for all fields, you can edit dates, times, protection bits and file comments with it too. and with protection bits you don't need to be on correct position, just press rewd etc and it toggles them :)

you can use wildcards with rename function
for example rename all *.jpeg to *.jpg in a dir

you can also do system global hotkeys and they work when dopus isn't active
use them to open shell and ssh etc

press shift key while clicking sub dir and it'll open into new window... or drag subdir with shift key to already open window and it shows it.. or press shift key and click on left border of the window and it opens parent as new window

copy filenames to clipboard
and one really useful option is to copy filenames to clipboard. amiga-c to copy with path and shift-amiga-c to copy only names.. you can copy many selected files too.
sometimes you need to paste file lists, so it's really handy

icon positioning
you can draw many areas on screen where new icons will appear and with right mouse button you can select which type icons goes to which area drive icons on certain place, appicons on other etc.

copy to many listers by one copy
one cool think with multiple listers is, that you can lock several as destination and then copy to them all with one copy

dopus arexx is great
you can make your own progressbars and requesters etc for your scripts. i update my www pages with dopus script too. just select new files and it digs file_id.diz, creates html page, uploads everything etc... and showing progress bar for it :)

TONS of 3dparty arexx scripts, modules and themes
There nothing to say, there is just a lot. Only dopus+ CD come with 400mb of all kind of stuff. Everything which i want to do on desktop you can do with dopus5. And if anything you can, you write a plugin/script/module/theme/whatver.

And that not all of course. You can imagine how much it can do, if there is real big books for.


Now i understand a bit more why all that efforts about the bounty at the time, even if (imho) it was a bit too expensive compared to the community size and so .. aniway

Forgot to answer on that, but there is reality check:

We wait for workbench improvements for latest 3-4 years (at least me, as i start to use os4 in 2009). Nothing radical or even half-radical was done on. 4 years its 48 months. Full time programmer monthly pay 1500-4000E. Depends of course, can be less, can be 100.000 i assume, but let's say 2500. 48*2500 = 120.000E. And, even for 4 years, one person NEVER WILL DO ANYTHING LIKE DOPUS 5 NOW. Its just impossible. No one will have motivation to do so even for money. Even for 120.000. Those one who want, will know nothing about amigaos, those who know amigaos coding, will do nothing in that terms. Taking aside that no one will pay anyone 120.000 for making workbench replacement. Even Trevor :)

Now, we all know that all of this is mostly free time work, fun, and so. So, workbench will never be mature enough in our lives. Just reality. Even if anyone will pay 120.000$ it will have bugs, problems, nothing 3d party, everything from scratch, new problems and so on and so on.

So. 4000E its to much you say ? 1-2 month of standard programmers work ? Its even "ok" for one person who in real interest to do something. We buy x1000 for 3500 and 4000 its too much for such professional app ? It's big fat luck that we get dopus5 sources for so less. It cost 20.000 and more with no problems, just not many amiga users is here today. Having looks at sources, i see how much time was spend on, how clean they are, how everything good and professionally done. All who make their doubts before about worth of that bounty surprise me from very beginning. Only excuse that none know before how good code are, or just do not know what dopus5 are. Once you will try to use it NORMALLY, and understand all the features it have and what it provide, you will be in big fat surprise how it possible to have such an app today.

Even with ugly scroll bars and icons, yes :)

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