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Re: Simple wishlist for next AmigaOS

Subject: Re: Simple wishlist for next AmigaOS
by kas1e on 2010/10/11 20:22:23



I imagine that once X1000 & Sam460 are released to public (i.e. OS4 is finished for them), then Hyperion can concentrate on improving AmigaOS4 again. It *looks* to me that OS4 development has slowed while they work on those, although I'd love to be told I am wrong.

I think you are right. From other side, when they (core devs) adapt os for x1000/sam460, they for sure catch many bugs which they fixed for all versions of os at all. So in general i hope that new "update" should be soon (but i can be wrong of course :) )


From what has been said in public, it sounds like they *might* work on SMP (multi-core support) for X1000, although I think they'd do better porting Gallium (new OpenGL) to OS4, since it would benefit nearly all users (as you say).

We as usual can only speculating, but i think that everything now on the adaptation, and work on SMP are not started. Maybe few fixed there and there (like some new addons to ASL req and alt), and of course new drivers by Hanz are major change(for which i think also some changes in OS was done by core-team, to make it better by performance). Speed tests of quake2 in SW rendering show pretty good speed of drivers, and we can hope already that 3D which will works over than new drivers will fast and good.


As far as smaller things go, I think we can pretty much guess that USB2 will get finished (if not already), and it would seem daft if they didn't debug FAT support (for memory sticks & USB HDs). Those are two obvious problems for many users.

Yeah. I also in hope that new shell will at last released. Not that KCON are too bad, but i just in high interest what it will be (because of 3 years of developing). Tons of features and such (i hope:) ).


Apart from that, I hope they'll find some time to make a usable version of Timberwolf,

I think that with x1000, will be release of stable FF :) That for sure can attract new blood. But from other side, i heard somethere (again speculation), just Trevor say that x1000 oriented on the old freaks, and not on new blood (but i can be wrong of course).
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