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Publications : RESHOOT R Classic Disk Edition & AROS-Version released
Posted by AndreasM on 2019/10/20 15:51:54 (828 reads) News by the same author

The development studio spielscherreiber and the publisher APC & TCP today announce the availability of the retro action game RESHOOT R in two new variants.

From now on the game is also available as a floppy disk version under the name RESHOOT R Classic Disk Edition.
This version is intended for all users who do not have a CD-ROM drive to their Amiga 1200 or Amiga 4000.
The game can now be installed on hard disk by diskette.

In addition, a download version of RESHOOT R is now available for the AROS system.
This version requires AROS with 100% AGA compatibility with 2MB of CHIP RAM.
RESHOOT R AROS was also successfully tested on the Vampire V4.

In addition, the RESHOOT R mousepad and RESHOOT R poster have recently become available.


RESHOOT R is a 2D horizontal shoot'em up in the style of the great arcade classics like Silkworm, R-Type and Gradius


* developed and programmed by industry veteran Richard Löwenstein
* goes to the performance limit of Amiga CD32, 1200 and 4000
* Five themed stages in the elaborately designed retro design
* exciting attack waves and boss battles
* Extra weapons and powerups
* Multi-level scrolling, up to 100 objects on the screen
* 50 hertz refresh rate ensures a steady high speed
* more than 400 colors on the screen
* stimulating soundtrack and SFX simultaneously
* locally storable highscore list and internet ranking
* runs on standard hardware of the A1200, A4000 and CD32, no extensions necessary
* tested on Amiga systems with the following CPUs: 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060


- Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32
- Joystick or CD32-compatible pad
- 2 MB Chipmemory, more memory is supported
- runs on compatible Amiga emulators under Windows, Mac and Linux


- Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000
- Floppy drive
- hard disk
- Joystick or CD32-compatible pad
- 2 MB Chipmemory, more memory is supported


- AROS with 100% AGA compatibility with 2 MB CHIP RAM.
- Joystick or CD32-compatible pad

More info: http://reshootr.spieleschreiber.de

ABOUT spieleschreiber

Spieleschreiber is a development studio specializing in retro computer games. Founder and core of the team from Upper Bavaria Pürgen is the game journalist Richard Lowenstein.
Richard Löwenstein developed computer games successfully in the 1980s and wrote articles for the magazines Happy Computer, 64er and Amiga Joker.
RESHOOT R was in development for three years and was created in cooperation with the entire retro community.
Design, Coding, Production: Richard Löwenstein. Graphics: Kevin Saunders. Music and Sound Effects: Martin Ahman.

More info: http://www.spieleschreiber.de


APC & TCP has been active as a Publisher for Amiga products for over 25 years.
From APC & TCP come products such as Amiga Future, Amiga Family, Flyin High, Marblelous, Pinball Brain Damage, CygnusED, Roadshow and much more.
APC & TCP has been trying for many years not only to release high-end Amiga games like RESHOOT R, but also smaller projects such as Trap Runner.
APC & TCP is constantly looking for interesting Amiga projects to publish.


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