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Simple question keyboard: keys up down
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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This a simple question...
But I dont achieve what I wanted and I am tired now....

This for a kind of game emulator (GMAP) :
I want to know what is the state of any key/each frame
For me they are 4 states for a key
u up
D down (hitted this frame)
d still pressed
U released up this frame

Also i want to know both the rawkey code and ascii code

so i need something like IDCMP_RAWKEY + IDCMP_VANILLAKEY

When both flags are set in the IDCMP, IDCMP_VANILLAKEY messages will be sent for keystrokes that directly map to a single ASCII value
Note that the IDCMP_RAWKEY events will only return the key down events when used with IDCMP_VANILLAKEY.

So no key up detection ?!?

Thanks for all


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Re: Simple question keyboard: keys up down
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Just use IDCMP_RAWKEY by itself and MapRawKey() to get the ascii (strictly speaking ANSI) codes if you want both key up and key down data.

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