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Re: Screen opening woes in OS4.1FEu1 Classic
Home away from home
2006/12/4 23:15
Posts: 2073


Yes, I have the Multiscan monitor in devs:monitors on OS3.1.

So if you choose a MultiScan mode for something (eg workbench) does it display correcttly? That would eliminate emulation bug.

If yes, then chack how your settings might vary between the emulations for 3.x snd OS4


On OS4 I don't have the PAL monitor in there just PicassoIV, but the native PAL modes work fine, I'm only had issues with Multiscan one.

Because the multiscane / VGA modes are added in the kickstart they would be eariler in the database than if they were added after boot up via DevS:Monitors, this is the main reason they are getting chosen in preference to the native or RTG clut modes.


I'll copy my 3.1 setup onto an RDB hardfile to see what it does on the same UAE config.

Ah, is your 3.1 setup on real hardware then?

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Re: Screen opening woes in OS4.1FEu1 Classic
Quite a regular
2013/10/17 15:21
From Hungary
Posts: 580
The Multiscan mode is broken in the ScreenMode prefs test as well. I guess the only way to make sure it's not an emulator problem is to use the very same winuae config with OS3.1. I have it in WinUAE, it's just that it's not on proper RDB hardfile, so it only work with uaehf.device and not the emulated IDE controller.

edit: I tested it, and on the very same UAE config Multiscan works under OS3.1 but not under OS4.1FE.

Edited by BSzili on 2018/3/5 14:13:01
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