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Publications : Big Amiga Future Article Update
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/8/29 10:22:23 (874 reads)

The article database of the Amiga Future homepage has seen a comprehensive update.

By now you can read over 2000 articles online in the article database.

Roughly 150 of these are in English language.


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Publications : A History Of The Amiga - Part 3
Posted by samwel on 2007/8/25 9:00:24 (1276 reads)

A History Of The Amiga - Part 3 by Jeremy Reimer

part 3

Publications : Amiga Future 68 Preview Online
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/8/20 15:11:11 (760 reads)

You can view the preview and some excerpts of the Amiga Future 68 (September/October 2007) at http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/kb.php?mode=article&k=1306 .

Starting with issue 67 the Amiga Future is available in German and English.

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Publications : ffmegGUI v0.6 uploaded to OSDepot
Posted by ktadd on 2007/8/17 8:09:51 (1100 reads)

ffmpegGUI v0.6 is a GUI front end for the OS4 compile of the ffmpeg video manipulation program.

Ffmpeg is a command line program which provides the abilty to decode and encode a large variety of video, audio, and graphics formats while supporting the changing of various parameters along the way.

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Publications : Amiga Future: On Our Own Behalf
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/8/1 19:36:32 (1253 reads)

The Amiga Future 67 was shipped via normal mail and airmail. This lead to the case that the AF arrived within 2 weeks in i.e. the USA.
Some problems arose during the release of the English edition of the Amiga Future so that we have to face 4 weeks and more of delivery.

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Publications : A history of the Amiga, part 1: Genesis
Posted by ssolie on 2007/8/1 18:02:46 (1178 reads)

Jeremy Reimer has published the first in a series of articles on the history of the Amiga over on ars technica.

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Publications : Amiga Future Issues 60 and 61 Online
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/7/25 11:12:59 (712 reads)

The german issues 60 and 61 of the Amiga Future are out of stock. Because of that you can read the two magazines (amongst many other issues) online at http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/kb.php?mode=cat&cat=10 .

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Publications : AmiKit Wallpaper Contest
Posted by AmiKit on 2007/7/10 0:47:07 (1262 reads)

Resized ImageYou are invited to AmiKit wallpaper contest with great prizes! We would like to refresh the look of the AmiKit package and therefore we decided to announce a wallpaper contest where everyone is welcome to contribute. The prizes are waiting for three winners and their wallpapers become the part of the next full AmiKit 1.4.0 release.

For more information please visit AmiKit Wallpaper Contest page.

Publications : Amiga Future Issue 67 (German/English) Out
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/7/5 9:59:18 (887 reads)

Issue 67 of the Amiga Future (July/August 2007) is out now.

This means that all subscriptions, prorders and consignments to dealers have been shipped today.

The Amiga Future 67 is available in German and English. Both mags can be ordered directly from the editorial office or Amiga dealers like Alinea, AmigaKit, GGS Data, Guru Meditation and Vesalia.

This time there are over 20 full versions on the cover CD.

A more detailed description of contents with German and English excerpts can be found at http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/kb.php?mode=article&k=1304 .

If you have any questions feel free to drop an email to Andreas@amigafuture.de using the subject "Amiga".


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Publications : Amiga Future Issues 54 and 62 Online
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/6/25 9:40:38 (1202 reads)

The german issues 54 and 62 of the Amiga Future are out of stock. Because of that you can read the two magazines (amongst many other issues) online at http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/kb.php?mode=cat&cat=10 .
The issue 66 has been released recently and is available in our online shop. Just now we work hard on issue 67.

No. 67 will be the first Amiga Future issue being published in German and English.

We ask all interested users to order issue 67 as soon as possible because we'll print only the preordered amount plus a small reserve.


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