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Software News : New programming framework
Posted by smith on 2019/2/23 10:42:31 (362 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Information for users
The project with the working name Api2 was created to facilitate the solution of the biggest problem that all the Amiga systems suffer from, the lack of new software. Having a relatively small number of programmers, the vast majority of which creates programs only after hours, it is good to give them the opportunity to use time they have in optimal way.

On the other hand, to encourage new people from outside of the Amiga community to create programs on our platform, it is good to provide them comparable framework to those they have on other platforms. This is the purpose of Api2. It provides a set of components for creating applications that support typical functionalities used in programs, both graphic (windows, panels, buttons, etc.) and non-graphic (collections, documents, file system support, etc.). By using ready made elements developer can focus on the functionality of the created program instead of the implementation details.
To keep development going quickly and to reduce time between successive releases at least one person must work on this project full time. To make it possible, funding is needed to cover the costs of salary, social security and taxes. If you like this project and want it to progress, please support it on https://www.patreon.com/trifle

More details http://api2.trifle.eu/index_en.html

Information for programmers
Api2 project aims to provide a framework and tools to help in quick applications creation without going into details that are not related to their main functionality.
Api2 is not a port from another platform, it is written from scratch and extends BOOPSI idea. However, it is more convenient to use. It does not require manual generation of method and attribute identifiers, reports compilation errors when one calls a method with parameters of mismatched types and does not require writing of dispatcher. In addition, thanks to exceptions, one does not have to check each call for correctness of result. The lack of arithmetic of pointers allows even novice programmers to efficiently create code. It is also designed to ensure compatibility at the source level between all amiga like systems. There is more detailed information and sample programs here. The Api2 project is in a very initial phase, there are very few components, it is not yet suitable for use and at this stage should be treated as a demo. We hope we will be able to develop it so the framework will quickly gain in functionality.

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Author Thread
Published: 2019/2/24 18:59  Updated: 2019/2/24 18:59
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 12/01/2006
From: Michigan, USA
Comments: 404
 How is this different. . .
Since I'm not a programmer, I think I can be forgiven if the answer to this is obvious. But how is this different from Jamie Krueger's AVD? There are so many things we need for software (browser, office programs, up to date DTP, etc.)duplicated effort on a development suite(if duplication is what this is) seems to be a waste. Paul
Published: 2019/3/16 20:23  Updated: 2019/3/16 20:23
Just popping in
Joined: 10/20/2008
From: Arizona
Comments: 64
 Re: How is this different. . .
Jamie's AVD lets you design GUI elements on screen that still need C or C++ code written to tie all the elements together that you've designed into a working program. It's in many ways very much like FLTK's FLUID design tool. See FLTK FLUID

API2 is an abstraction layer for C programmers that provides a standardized set of GUI elements such as dialog boxes, windows, buttons, progress indicators, etc...that can quickly be coded, debugged and tested. The abstraction layer that it provides between the programmer and the OS makes it much easier to code and debug, especially for beginner and intermediate level C programmers. API2 provides Amiga/AROS/MOS programmers with the same functionality that QT and wxWindows provides to Windows and Linux programmers.
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