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Amiga Events : Workbench Explorer v1.4 Build 3100 released
Posted by mritter0 on 2017/7/14 0:12:43 (315 reads) News by the same author
Amiga Events

Download it from Aminet, OS4Depot, AmiUpdate, Amiga On The Lake, or most convenient and current: "Check latest version" from the Project menu.



If you use Prefs->Datatypes->When select an item, or Never, then Filmstrip
view style will NOT show any images. And it will not show any files if you
have Prefs->View style->Filmstrip->Show only drawers and images.
If WEx doesn't know what type the file is, then picflow.gadget doesn't, either.


###### [1.4 build 3100] - 2017-07-13
### Added
- Preferences->Preview->Automatically play sound files.
When Preview Pane is open, you may not want songs to autoplay.
- Preferences->Preview->Sound volume.
Preset the sound volume for preview.
- Preview pane now has a volume slider, loop button, smaller play/stop
button, and play time data.
FLAC still does not show total time.
- Palette requester now has a transparent color and new "System colors" to
pick from.
- Preferences->Preview->Show image details.
Show a line at top of image preview with details about image. Handy if not
using Details pane and Status bar.
- Preferences->Preview->Background color.
Set the background color in the Preview pane when viewing images.
Select Transparent from the palette requester to revert back to normal.
-Preferences->Preview->Details text color.
Set the text color for image details. Green text on black background is good.
- Every window now has a close gadget.
- Prefs->Preview->Show EXIF data.
If enabled, the Preview pane is split 60/40 to show JPEG EXIF data
and comment.
- F6 to toggle the EXIF data pane, temporarily.
- Shortcut keys for buttons where appropriate. But as always have been:
Enter = Bold text button (OK)
Escape = Cancel
- Preferences->Preview->Text tab size.
- Striping effect in Preview Sound and Preview Picture EXIF data.
- Content view style shows time for audio files.

### Fixed
- Image scale factor was off 1 pixel. Couldn't tell until started using the
new background color option.
- Filmstrip view style was broken due to a missed variable change.
- The datatype information is now fully shown for the item when it is first
selected, not after picking another item.
- Resizing columns didn't always get remembered.
- Random Code value causinng error in handling Bookmarks.
- Pattern errors weren't unblocking main window.
- Invalid patterns are now reported.
- EditNodeNoDrawer() was expecting the wrong variable, so several default
texts were blank. Then it was potentially setting the wrong name and paths.
- If made permanent changes in Preferences to Bookmarks or Favorites, then hit
Cancel, the changes were not reflected in the main window.
- Top line is remembered when change view style.
- If no preferences file exists at startup, the defaults are saved better.
- Content context menu wasn't honoring found picflow.gadget or not.

### Changed
- Play button is now Play/Stop. No longer recessed; it was hard to see.
- When checking for FTPMount, "Not installed" is now "Not detected" if not
active but installed.
- picflow.gadget is now in the Tools folder so doesn't need to be installed
to use, but still can be. WEx will look in CLASSES:Gadgets first, then Tools.
Thanks to Tuomas Hokka for use of it.
- The way gadgets are added/removed.
- Preview Pane set no none when any sub-window is opened.
- A handful of default preferences settings.

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