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Software News : eNewsReader r1 released
Posted by ChrisH on 2017/4/23 9:33:38 (805 reads) News by the same author
Software News

eNewsReader is a ground-breaking program for AmigaOS4, which allows you to easily keep track of tens (or even hundreds!) of news sources. You no-longer need to visit many websites every day or week, on the off-chance there might be something new. And by centralising all your news sources in one place, you will save masses of time, so it's great for people with busy lives.

I created eNewsReader because of my frustration at how bad existing news readers were (such as Feedly & Digg Reader, never mind Facebook & Twitter themselves).

Why use it?
Not only does eNewsReader keep track of which news items you have read, it has a unique feature that I have not seen in any other news reader:
It also keeps track of what news items you have seen (but ignored as uninteresting).

Thanks to this unique feature, it's possible to follow a very large number of news sources, without loosing track of which news items you've already seen. This means you won't waste a lot of time trying to find the start of the stuff you haven't seen yet (assuming you could even remember!). And you can read different news feeds when you feel like it, rather than needing to check everything at the same time (due to it all getting lumped together by say Facebook or Twitter).

As well as following the (RSS & Atom) news feeds of websites & blogs (like most news readers can), you are also able to follow people & companies on Twitter, and follow friends, groups & companies on Facebook.

You will need to give eNewsReader permission to access your Timeline posts on Facebook, as well as your list of Friends, then you can then easily:
* See when someone posts on your Timeline.
* See when someone posts on a public group (on Facebook).
* See when a company posts on their Facebook page.
* You can also follow what your friends post on their Timeline, but they will first need to give eNewsReader permission to access their Timeline.

The news feeds of different websites vary. Some give you a summary of the news item, and then expect you to open a link to their website to read the full thing, while others provide the whole news item, in which case you can read it without having to leave eNewsReader. You will also need to visit the website to see any pictures or click on any links inside the news item.

In the case of Facebook, while you can read complete posts from eNewsReader, if you wish to reply or post a comment, then you will need to open the link to Facebook's website. And you will need to use the Odyssey web browser, so that eNewsReader can login to Facebook.

Demo limitations
eNewsReader is currently only available as a demo. I want to see how much interest there is in a program like eNewsReader, before I choose how to sell it & set the price (which might be around £5 or £10). So please let me know if you would be interested in buying the full version of eNewsReader.

The demo is quite generous, because it starts as a fully functional trial (behaving exactly like the full version). Once you have 6+ news feeds, you can use it for 30 days before the trial expires.

Once the trial has expired, you can still use it, just with a few small inconveniences:
* There are occasional requesters to remind you it is not the full paid version. You will not be able to dismiss these requesters for a few seconds.
* Filtering of news feeds is limited to 6 words/phrases per feed.

NOTE: Before the middle of June the appearance & delay of these requesters will be minimised. This is to give me enough time to decide how to sell eNewsReader. I have not removed the requesters completely, as I still want remind people to tell me they would be interested in buying it.

Download & more info
Direct download:


Online guide:

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Author Thread
Published: 2017/4/23 10:15  Updated: 2017/4/23 10:21
Home away from home
Joined: 05/19/2007
From: England
Comments: 3551
 Re: eNewsReader r1 released
Something I didn't put in the news item, but perhaps should have:

eNewsReader is the result of 2.5 years of development. Some of it's highlights are:
* It supports Facebook & Twitter, as well as the more traditional RSS & Atom feeds.
* It uses a custom transactional database to efficiently store & retrieve huge amounts of news items.
* The user interface may seem fairly simple, yet it is surprisingly powerful:
. . * You can easily see the news items of a single feed, or several feeds at once (or even all of them).
. . * You can organise your feeds by tagging them, and then choose to see only those feeds (and their news items) that have certain tags.
. . * Individual news feeds can be filtered, hiding news items whose titles contain certain words or phrases.
* It detects & stores updated news items, so you can see the latest version of a news item, as well as the older versions you previously downloaded.
* You can search for news items whose titles contain certain words or phrases.
* Written entirely using the PortablE programming language, hence the "e" in eNewsReader.

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