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Software News : Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Posted by mrdarek2 on 2013/5/29 22:10:45 (1942 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Based on my experience from coding previous games, supported by ChrisH, I decide start coding really big project - Carcassonne game board for Amiga OS4. From start I want create best Carcassonne version, with simple interface but without compromise with planned features. First phase - single player mode is finished so Amiga users can judge if game will be promising and worth continue work on it.

Before play you should do some internet session and learn some about Carcassonne game.

First version has ready game engine and implemented almost are basic set rules. On this engine work at this moment single player mode, developed for this by me special mode called Rules of Monks. This is first step to create later multiplayer mode with own A.I. engine.

Here is screenshot from my own created game graphics:
Resized Image

With little effort described in manual you can set in game oryginal board graphics (beloved by players) not included because of possible copyright issues. Here is screenshot with this theme:
Resized Image

Now I need users opinion about selected game idea, comments or maybe paypal support for strength me to continue work on multiplayer mode with A.I... I hope so users will be like this game...

Download game from: OS4depot

Some thanks: Chris Handley for big work on improving PortablE to be able handle my code.
Also I want thanks Tommysammy for icons.

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/5/30 4:30  Updated: 2013/5/30 4:30
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 5389
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4

While can be not bad and works without crashes, still have some moments:

1. Scrolling of items with words pick/skip tile/scrores/etc, are slow and take lot of time. I.e. scrolling smooth, but just slow. I tired to wait for just pick next slide. In such kind of games everything should be fast. Specially when i already pick an item, its start to scroll back, and that annoy pretty well.

2. By default the window re-sized to my whole size of workbench (1440x900), and window can't be re-sized : looks not so good. If make it full scree, then better to make it real full screen, if make it in window, then at least add tool type where it possible to change screen mode.
Published: 2013/5/30 7:26  Updated: 2013/5/30 7:26
Just popping in
Joined: 05/16/2011
Comments: 33
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Thanks for opinion - I waiting for more this type opinion - it can help me develop game.
Game should scroll fast - but I have only for my sam460ex for tests... For increasing scroll try longer keep crsr - game has implemented dynamical scroll for fun - longer keep crsr = faster scroll. If users suggested me I can: increase acceleration or increase top scroll speed.
For faster finding place to put tiles you can also downsize gfx using mouse scroll buttons or 1&2 keys.

I not implemented resizeable window. I thought that users want maximized window for best view and game do it automatically. But I can set resizeable window if users wish it. Smaller window on big resolution screen probably can speed up scroll.
I also have trouble coding games in fullscreen mode - this mode is hard to debug, I can't set additional window with debugged values, so I don't like fullscreen modes. This game was very hard to achieve current status - I spend many times to debug not reproducable crashes, I hope I lucky find that all.

I good tested my engine - many time I spend to kill bugs - so I'm happy that users can't got DSI :). But I know some weakness in my engine. I will be work on it...
Published: 2013/6/1 4:06  Updated: 2013/6/1 4:06
Just popping in
Joined: 11/24/2010
Comments: 5
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
I think, Kas1e says it all!
A Full-Screen-Mode would be really great!
And the single think I dislike in this port is the very slow scrolling. Here on my µA1 it takes about 1-2 second for the buttons to scroll in. The same, to scroll out. This is really annoying!
Also playing the music needs time, as there doesn`t happen anything else, while playing the tunes. The possibility to disable the sound, might help for this.

But the game itself is really cool!
Please continue your great work!!

Published: 2013/6/1 7:45  Updated: 2013/6/1 16:43
Just popping in
Joined: 05/16/2011
Comments: 33
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Hi; Answer mi exactly:
1) problem is button too slow appeared on screen (slowly sliding...)?
1a) button not appeared because tune still play and this is confusing?
2) game world too slow scroll using crsr keys?

This is not port. Code is native and 100% my (I not looking at any open source game code - I have own idea how creating game code). I can fix this issues but need answer what fixing.

Is this problems exist on Radeon HD gfx cards?

Version 0.61 with fix for button are online!
redownload, check and report now!

I fix music in next releases (need more work on code), temporary wait as computer finish his action for scoring, and enjoy tunes :)
Published: 2013/6/3 7:19  Updated: 2013/6/3 7:19
Just popping in
Joined: 11/24/2010
Comments: 5
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Again, great work, mrdarek2!
With the "fix-button" at gamestart, it really plays much faster.
Only the sounds when setting meeples or finishing buildings are still a little bit annoying, because they dont play in multitasking. The player has to wait, until the sound finished, before continuing the game. Shouldnt it be possible to play on, while the sound is playing??

The problem is, that some things repeat themselves again and again.
For example the buttons "pick tile" or one of "pick meeple" or "skip meeple" need to be pressed for every move.
imo it would be better for the gameplay, if the new tile would appear automatically under the mouosepointer. Also the meeple might appear directly under the mousepointer. If the player does not want to set a meeple, he might simply cancel that with the right mousebutton.

Another thing, that slows down the game,is the very smooth, but very slow scrolling through the map. Especially on large maps at the end of the game, this eats up much time. You could for exaple speed up things by allowing the use to use ie the shift+curser keys. If he hits the shift-key, the map might scroll on double speed or more...

The last thing I would really like, is the mentioned FullScreen-Mode! The game would really look better without windowborders around it!!

But after all, you really made a great port of the game. Thank you very much for that!!

Best regards

Published: 2013/6/3 17:30  Updated: 2013/6/3 17:30
Just popping in
Joined: 05/16/2011
Comments: 33
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Thanks for all tips. As everyone saw - I prefer coding engines simulating natural human behaviour, but some shortcut can be added. Sounds also are fixable. Scroll speed is not problem, it fixed for my sam 460ex but I see - I must add options to regulations speed. Almost all tips are doable and I will be slowly realise users ideas. Next step is multiplayer without AI - this should be easier then game engine (already little prepared for multiplayer) but still need many time, please wait patiently for next releases.
Published: 2013/6/3 22:57  Updated: 2013/6/3 22:57
Just popping in
Joined: 11/24/2010
Comments: 5
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
Your future Plans for Age of Thieves sound great!
Do you plan an online-Multiplayer game or will it only be local??

Best regards!

Published: 2013/6/4 16:55  Updated: 2013/6/4 16:55
Just popping in
Joined: 05/16/2011
Comments: 33
 Re: Age of Thieves - Carcassone board game for AmigaOS4
At this moment online game will be hard to do. I not have experience and not network procedures in PortablE. I rather concentrate to code strong A.I. Comparing to other games my A.I. must know how attack and how defend territory.
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