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Software News : Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
Posted by cygnusEd on 2012/7/5 6:56:49 (930 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Revised versions of the recently published AmiCygnix packages AmiCygnix-Base and AmiCygnix-Tools are now available on OS4-Depot. An installation of the first package will be replaced without problems.
It is recommended to download and install these packages, because it increases system stability and it includes some "last minute fixes".

New in the revised packages:

* An enhanced installer script, which fixes problems while a complete new installation.

* The system could freeze, when the user did stop the X server. This should be fixed now and as a side effect the start of programs should be a little faster.

* Little improvements with localisation support of some programs.

Download links:


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Author Thread
Published: 2012/7/5 8:42  Updated: 2012/7/5 8:42
Quite a regular
Joined: 03/28/2010
From: Palencia (Spain)
Comments: 633
 Re: Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
Thanks for the update!
Published: 2012/7/5 12:21  Updated: 2012/7/5 12:21
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 12/03/2006
From: Essex, UK
Comments: 417
 Re: Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
Thanks, installed and working fine
Published: 2012/7/5 17:58  Updated: 2012/7/5 17:58
Just can't stay away
Joined: 10/25/2007
From: Gothenburg / Sweden
Comments: 1175
 Re: Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
Thanks for the update :)
Published: 2012/7/7 17:28  Updated: 2012/7/7 17:28
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 12/03/2006
From: France
Comments: 421
 Re: Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
thx for the update !

As stated in the readme, the picasso96wb is slower than all the rest so I stay with picasso96clonewb even if that means 16 bits so cycling WB (32-bits) and AmiCygnix (16-bits) produces a 2 seconds delay which I hate the most because I am copying/pasting regularly between WB/OWB and Gnumeric.
I tried the picasso96pip driver and although it is faster than all other drivers, the colors are messed up !

thx for your continuous effort and specially for the packag and clever installation/upgrade; so far and as in the past, the whole process went smoothly.
Published: 2012/7/9 12:16  Updated: 2012/7/9 12:16
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/23/2007
From: Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Comments: 1098
 Re: Bugfixed packages of AmiCygnix V1.1 released
copying/pasting regularly between WB/OWB and Gnumeric

You can drag your screen down so no delay if you don't switch the screen completely.

Thanks !
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