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Software News : Diskmag "HUGI" issue 36, for AmigaOS4 is OUT !
Posted by kas1e on 2010/7/24 23:07:13 (1418 reads) News by the same author
Software News

The well-known and 14 years excisting diskmag HUGI is out for AmigaOS4 !!

For now we released the most recent issue of Hugi: #36, which was initially released at the BreakPoint 2010 party in April for windows, and now, for the 25 years amiga celebration we released an AmigaOS4 version !

The diskmag is based on the wellknown engine called Panorama, done by Crhis Dragan (inititally for PC users), and later, with help of Ransom from IRIS was updated by SDL part , which makes it possible to port it to AmigaOS4 (and not only) as aswell.

This issue can be a bit slow on week machines, because of the 1024x768 true-color mode and many different features and effects (which are fully done by only the CPU for now, so, better cpu = better speed). But you always can disable effects from the starting menu, and set your WB to 16bit mode for gain more speed for if necessary. But I am pretty sure, many of you will be happy to read such a modern diskmag, which full of features (such as a integrated musicdisk part and great Amiga related articles) on AmigaOS4, even, if for some of you it will be not very fast. Engine of course can still have some little bugs and problems, and if you will found any - contact me, and i will fix it for the next issues.

The first issues of HUGI were more or less PC centric, but the latest ones start to be more and more crossplatform, and Hugi#36 which we released now, is half based on amiga-related topics. Since issue #32 Magic of Nah-Kolor (the old and wellknown amiga group) is the co-editor of Hugi, and that can explain more Amiga-related context.

In brief, if you want to start by the amiga-related articles, we advide the following ones:

-- Amiga Scene: Jump into the hole (my article about the current situation with aos4/mos/aros)
-- BreakPoint 2009 - From a Breakpoint TV point of view (about amiga releases mostly)
-- The Vague - Amiga Diskmag on stage - Part 3 (my article about our warp3d diskmag)
-- Mad Wizards - looking back with Azzaro (about Elude as well)
-- Muffler: from amiga musian to top DJ Producer (yeah, we all remember Muffler !)

Many articles are not related to any platfrom, but about everything in demoscene in general, so Hugi#36 will be interesting to read all the way.

Have fan, enjoy, and wait for other Hugi issues which will be released on Amiga AOS4 as well ! (Do not forget to swith music trackrs by 1-8 keys , or use the music-menu. Music-disk part in that issue are awesome and professional).

Download it from scene.org HERE (77 mb).

Also you can see HUGI36 on AOS4 in action on Amiga25years celebration party in Holand on youtube here: part1 and part2.

More information at http://hugi.scene.org

PS. if you have any problems with diskmag engine, write me at kas1e@yandex.ru Also if you have interest to support Hugi on by Amiga (aos3/aos4/mos/aros/general ones) articles, you can contact Magic of Nah-Kolor at magic_nah@hotmail.com or also contact me and I will help you the best I can.

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/7/25 12:00  Updated: 2010/7/25 12:00
Just popping in
Joined: 11/27/2006
From: Denmark
Comments: 33
 Re: Diskmag "HUGI" issue 36, for AmigaOS4 is OUT !
Ported by Ransom? Really?

Wow. That name is a blast from the past
Published: 2010/7/25 12:04  Updated: 2010/7/25 12:04
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 5226
 Re: Diskmag "HUGI" issue 36, for AmigaOS4 is OUT !

Ported by Ransom? Really?

Wow. That name is a blast from the past

In last days it was ported by me, but, the all main work back in the time (in 2005-2006) was done by Ransom. I just got his agreement today (he still alive, yes:) ) , + latest sources of engine from Crhis (with that Ransoms code), which i fix a bit (with help of Fab btw).

So, all the hard work do Ransom (not i am), but it was few years ago, i just fix it a bit, and will add more features later (like Reaction GUI for config window, support of all that mailto: and www links and alt). Maybe will add OpenGL support to, if there will be enough interest in such prods :)
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