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Re: need help my A4000 won't start with new A4000 ATX PSU adapter

Subject: Re: need help my A4000 won't start with new A4000 ATX PSU adapter
by Daedalus on 2020/7/29 14:45:39

Ripple on the 12V rail is of no real concern to an Amiga, and certainly won't stop the PSU turning on. All the Amiga's logic runs off the 5V rail, which is where you want the low ripple.

As for the original issue from a year ago, those adaptors are pretty simple - there's not a lot that can go wrong with them. If it's turning on the PSU without being connected to the A4000, then it's doing its limited job correctly. The issue is between the PSU and the A4000 then, and as pointed out above, ATX PSUs aren't particularly well suited to Amiga use. The most common issue is that it doesn't draw enough current to regulate properly, in which case it should immediately shut down (though some poor quality units will continue to output out-of-spec power). But that's not the case if the PSU turns on with no load. In this case it's probably more likely to be an imbalance in the load, where the output of the PSU isn't connected how it expects. Perhaps some of the ground or power rail lines aren't connected to the rest, confusing it, or perhaps it requires the 12V load to be similar to or greater than the 5V load. This could be the "sense" issue mentioned.

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