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Re: The "uploader" mystery.

Subject: Re: The "uploader" mystery.
by JosDuchIt on 2015/3/29 16:46:06

A number of posts are expressing concerns for anonymous uploads.
Some could be met if the uploader was known to the site's administrator, who could disclose the uploader if there is a reason to..
Don't know if the site checks for the validity of the author's mail address , if yes the same scheme may apply to the uploader's address and the field may show "Uploader known" if that's what the uploader wants.

Other concerns might be met with suggestions in a previous post
Why not add a list of programmersites , URL's, feedback wanted, maybe have the possibility to list even the URL's of their program's, permission for automatic upload, or a general description of what they are about

In fact if lists of programmer' download pages would appear on the site,, one can think of searches in the site itself and on these pages, and surely at the same time on Aminet, maybe other sites too

Having googled for "advanced searching" i did note Joseph Becher's site http://jwebnet.net/advancedgooglesearch.html
He was kind enough to point me to
 https://developers.google.com/custom-search/json-api/v1/overview i
showing how you can build specific search engines.

It seems to me that building a specific (common) search engine for Aminet & OS4Depot is feasable.& bcause the essential info is available in both


OS4Depot /Aminet
01 Description /Short
02 Download: /Download
11 Size: /Size
06 Version:/Version
08 Date:  25 Mar 15 /Date 2015-03-25
03 Author:  /Author
04 Submitter /Uploader
12 Email /
13 Homepage /
05.Category /Type
14 Replaces /
15 License /
16 Distribute /
07 Min OS Version: /Architecture
17 FileID:  /
19 Snapshots:  /
09 Downloads:  /Downloads?
09  (Accumulated) /DownLoads ?

Fields lacking imho are
- source available
- if available programming language used

That's work again but with some standardisation of download pages of programmers (and/or of common info for all therir programs on OS4Depot ) "lazy" programmers could connect to more users.

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