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Re: The "uploader" mystery.

Subject: Re: The "uploader" mystery.
by Chris on 2015/3/28 19:06:53


I knew commenting on this thread would be a mistake.

What make you think, that anyone who use "uploader" to just help to fill os4depot, should have any responsibility for software done not by person who use "uploader" ? Its just show all of us, that its just uploaded by someone, while original authors do not do so. And that all. No responosibility, nothing. Just help newbes to have all the stuff at one place.
And why anyone should contact "uploader", if he for example upload some of your software ? (as i do before with your permission). I do not need to listen bug-reports which should go to software authors. And i do not want to looks like moron who put everywhere own name, in the software which he just upload, but have no connection to at all.

I'm not asking them to have any responsibility beyond putting their name to whatever it is they've uploaded. There are any number of reasons why the person doing the uploading might need to be contacted, and none of them involve being a point of contact for bug reports.


In the first place, why you didn't upload all your stuff yourself on os4depot ? You already know that for last 10 years most of os4 users use os4depot, and not aminet. And even if you find "web uploading" annoing in compare with "ftp uploading" , it is no excuse :)

Why bother when the mysterious uploader will do it for me?

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