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Re: Resolving issues

Subject: Re: Resolving issues
by xenic on 2015/8/28 15:55:55

Please disable if it cannot calculate correctly, or execute correctly.

It's not calculating anything. It just signals the Dopus5 process launcher (& controller) to have any unused memory freed and then exits so the next memory handler in the low memory handler interrupt chain will be executed. Any program can add a low memory handler but it's only probably only useful for programs that retain large amounts of unused memory like font caches, undo buffers, directory buffers etc. If you'd like to see an example of a low memory handler (that spends too much time in an interrupt in my view) check out SDK:Examples/FastFileSystem/fs_plugin_cache.c.

The reason that the Dopus5 low memory handler was failing is because OS4 was changed to not set a flag for low memory handlers. Since other OS3 programs (with no sources that can be fixed) could also have low memory handlers that will freeze OS4, I filed a report at the Hyperion "General Developer Support" forum and Thomas Frieden has informed me that the flag has been reinstated.

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