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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
by Hans on 2020/3/3 9:33:55

Would make sense for you all guys if what needs to be done go to issues section of github, where we can add all the suggestions from os4depot, as Roman mentioned? That way all thing needed to be done will be in one place for everyone to find it, and keep this thread for discussion as well. Otherwise, necessary information will be scattered.

That depends on how many bug reports there are on the old system. If it's a small number, then transferring them to GitHub would be useful. Otherwise, I'm not sure the effort would be worth it.

In my opinion, there are ways to watch online video on AmigaOS 4 using exernal scripts and ffmpeg, which works pretty well. I don't say that it is not necessary, but maybe having a newer version of webkit and some serious bugfixes is more crucial right now, what do you think?

IMHO, top priority should be for any bugs that crash the browser. That includes the video player bugs that can cause a crash.

Dunno what much of "else" it do under the hood, but as i see it Cairo used for simplify rendering of 2D, and for that have different backends : software, accelerated, etc. Currently we use software, the slowest possible. I assume that if there will be compositing acceleration added, it will just speed everything up automatically, and even videos will plays smooth as it.

Have you tried using the cairo-gl backend? We have GL4ES etc., so we should be able to use it now. And, it would be our best bet to moving rendering to the GPU. Writing a new backend would take some time...


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