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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
by kas1e on 2020/3/3 6:41:15


We can probably create the equivalent of an overlay window for video playback, and hopefully that'll work well enough.

Yes, that how it was done (and still?) on morphos. When you press "fullscreen" on youtube videos, there just overlay window opens and video plays as fast as it should.

But it also intersting to have it be fast played in the window of odyssey too of course :) I need to find out logs with all the talks we have about years ago, so maybe some bits of info which can help us can be refreshed.

We at least need to fix crashes in current mediaplayer to make it more stable for time being )

I noticed that mediaplayer offten loose sound when you move time slider, and no other sound after that possible at all in whole system. So it mean AHI die and we need to re-check ahi parts in BCMediaPlayerPrivateMorphOS.cpp

There is some scary low-level ahi code which i for sure badly port from morphos to os4.


Cairo does a lot more than compositing, so that would only cover some operations.

Dunno what much of "else" it do under the hood, but as i see it Cairo used for simplify rendering of 2D, and for that have different backends : software, accelerated, etc. Currently we use software, the slowest possible. I assume that if there will be compositing acceleration added, it will just speed everything up automatically, and even videos will plays smooth as it.

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