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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
by Hans on 2020/3/3 6:34:30


Yes, the biggest question regarding composited video and WebGL, is how it'll interact with the Cairo rendered stuff. The last thing we want is to render stuff on the GPU, and then have to copy it to RAM to be software rendered into the rest of the page.

We can probably create the equivalent of an overlay window for video playback, and hopefully that'll work well enough.

I'm not sure that compositing support can be added to Cairo, or how much that would help. Cairo does a lot more than compositing, so that would only cover some operations.

Ideally, we'd have everything rendered on the GPU, but that's quite a task. IIRC, Cairo's API design itself is a bit of a bottleneck for GPU rendering, at least as far as webpages is concerned. That's why browser engines are ditching it for something else.

I'm hoping that composited video/WebGL could be merged with the Cairo rendered stuff on the GPU somehow (e.g., handle rendering the video player's controls on top of the composited video on the GPU). Otherwise we'll take a performance hit with stuff being copied from VRAM to RAM.


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