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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/4/25 11:32:30


While downloading the beta release (with beta05) the download speed is relatively slow (200 kB/sec) while downloading similar sized files in OS4Depot is way quicker (1000 kB/sec) with my connection.

You mean that downloading from my site is slower than from os4depot ? Yes, but is it problem at all ?:) I mean, those betas are for betatesters who can live with such a small issues like how fast or slow they download betas. Actually the browser is important, not where it placed for betatesters (not for plain users), right ?:)


Wondering, could you release these betas to e.g. OS4Depot for greater bandwith, even if these still are betas?

Plan is to make few more betas before os4depot upload. If you for real have issues with slow speed of downloading from my site, and those issues is important enough for you, then better wait os4depot upload which will happens once we migrate to all last 3d party libs and fix some more bugs. Not that soon probably, but at least you can download it not in 5 minutes , but in 10 seconds and then have updated version :)


Anyone who have issues like "betas placed on site which is not as fast as i want" , or "betas placed on the place where i didn't want to go and don't want to remember new site" , or another really "important" issues, better to not use betas at all, but wait os4depot upload. That way only those ones will test beta releases who want to spend their time on and that including living with other issues in process on which there is really no needs to spend our time which can be spend on real issues.

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