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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/4/1 17:52:53


http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/ody ... odyssey_1.23r5_beta05.lha

Odyssey 1.23 r5_beta05 - AmigaOS4

-- fixed memory leak in ac_free_video_decoder done by Piru on "acinerella" (FFmpeg wrapper simplifying work with FFmpeg: https://github.com/astoeckel/acinerella/)
-- for time being use back static libavformat.a instead of shared version till proper changes will have a place (that to avoid crashes in ffurl*)
-- debugging: added cross-platform D(bug("...")) define (see Base/debug.h), thus on OS4 always use DebugPrintF() instead of kprintf() and get rid of Clib2's libdebug.a
-- get rid of libaos4deps.a, which contain sttcpy() and DoSuperNew() realisations, those functions now in separate object.
-- updated youtube scripts to the latest ones from Fab's page.
-- get rid of CyberGraphics everywhere in favor of graphics.library (c) Capehill
-- added support of compositing video in fullscreen mode. You can have as many videos in different tabs as you wish in fullscreen, not just one as with overlay (be it P96 or CGX5). Also fixing some bugs in MediaPlayer while adding compositing video (c) Ami603 with help from Hans & Capehill.

There is a video in action (different videos in different tabs in full size)


It can be seen that currently because of "Exclusive ahi usage", the only sound from one instance of MediaPlayer comes (or from any other ahi based app). Hopefully, that can be dealing with soon as well.

!! NOTE !!

Be aware! To have fullscreen working on YouTube, you have to go to Window/Scripts preference, and add there "YouTube_Fullscreen_Fix.js". Be sure it "enabled". Then exit and run the browser again. The script should be a NEW one, from beta05. A not the old one. That will overwrite youtube stuff on the fly, so our inbuild MediaPlayer will be used.

!! NOTE2 !!

You should fully copy the "Resource" directory at least from beta05. Because there for first new youtube scripts, and for second some changes were done in images for MediaPlayer to fix some issue. Better just unpack beta05 to a fresh location, but if you on your own, then binary + full Resource dir is a must.

That to all involved!

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