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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/3/21 18:06:14


I can close OWB without crash on the test video site, tried a couple of times to make sure

That because you use beta4, but Capehill build today's source where i tried to put some changes from latest "acinerella" (ffmpeg wrapper we use in odyssey), and seems do it wrong, so it free in wrong time. That bug only seen by those who build todays sources. Now reverted, so bug gone.


but I get random DSI errors when going to the test video page, some times recoverable and sometimes it crash OWB(but it doesn't crash AOS).

But that one because of shared avformat.library, which currently need to replace on static one.

That happens because odyssey's mediaplayer code use "acineralla" wrapper, which back in times use some private ffmpeg function called ffurl_register_protocol();, which was only for internal ffmpeg use and should't be used, but it was. So, after it was deleted from public access, and in newer ffmpeg there is none. And Frank dedicated instead to rewrite that part properly (as it crashes now because function not reintrant and so on, need locks and stuff). So as newer ffmpeg use other way, there needs to deal with that in Odysseys's "acineralla" code, so we will be able to use everything normally. But in time being in beta05 it will be static build of that part of ffmpeg, which is of no big deal, as other really necessary parts still will be amiga shared libraries.


Bring it on, who needs Altivec anyway(hmmm hmmm X5000). ;)

Sure for x5000 nothing good, but peg2 and x1000 users have pretty good speed up now, up to 20%, that can't be consider as non-important for sure :)

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