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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/3/19 11:01:55


http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/ody ... odyssey_1.23r5_beta04.lha

Odyssey 1.23 r5_beta04 - AmigaOS4

-- Major change in Video/Audio:

Thanks to Frank from AmiBoing/EntwicklerX Odyssey now uses Frank's real amiga shared libs for all FFmpeg parts handling video/audio in the browser. That in comparison with my older static FFmpeg compile mean:

1. We have now FFmpeg 2.2.16 instead of an older 2.2.1 (why not 3.x and 4.x ? Because since 2.2.16 some decoders start to be slower).
2. Binary of Odyssey is smaller on 5mb now, as no FFmpeg code built-in, that code in the shared libs instead.
3. Frank's version recognize Altivec unit and if available, uses the Altivec code automatically (so theoretically those ones who has Altivec machines can have better speed in video playback). Quite interesting to see comprassion results on x1000 when play the same mediafile via beta03 and beta04.
4. ffmpeg libs can be updated separately, without odyssey updates.

All the shared libs also placed in the LIBS folder of Odyssey and will be used from there now, so users will have no issues. But of course, you can move them all to system LIBS: directory if you wish: AmigaOS4 will
firstly search libs in the LIBS: directory of Odyssey, and if nothing found then the system's one.

-- In the prefs/media enabled by default WebM, Flv and Ogg (before they were disabled), so everything works out of the box. If users wish to not have video/audio be played in the browser but to have downloads instead, then
those options can be disabled.

-- incorporated some changes which Deadwood did for 1.25 version back in past and which wasn't in our version till now, such as: Improved audio/video sync code in MediaPlayer and Free locale resources regardless of application creation.

-- one more user-agent for spoofing by request: Nintendo Wii

Github also updated with all latest changes, so SDK includes/libs also changed quite heavy, and everyone who will build latest odyssey should update all the SDK files.
Also frank's ffmpeg libraries should be in the LIBS directory when you will test odyssey (take them of from beta04, or from Frank directly: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpeg-amigasharedlibraries/files/

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