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Re: Booting problem X5000

Subject: Re: Booting problem X5000
by Raziel on 2021/9/13 22:57:19


I have the exact same issue, but learned to circumvent it.

I refrained from pulling the plug since then (too much wear on the cable and I dont trust the power peak protection in the psu).

I was able to make it boot again, in 8 out of 10 tries, with holding down the reset button for 3 or more seconds.
That, normally, is enough to free all remaining charges...your mileage may vary on this, but it helped me a lot.

It's funny though, that only AmigaOS hardware seems to suffer from this kind of problem, I have yet to find a pc that does it.
Maybe the firmware isn't strict enough with wiping the hardware registers or something.
At least on my x1000 I cannot do a successful reset with the firmware command...I always end up having to manually cold reboot, so there's definitely something wrong or broken.

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