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Re: [X1000] Errors and improvement ideas for CFE

Subject: Re: [X1000] Errors and improvement ideas for CFE
by Raziel on 2020/3/8 11:57:24


Can someone with an account there pleade add the following?

- wrt kvm switches:
Another pressing problem is that kvm switches don't "release" bootmouse.kmod and bootkeyboard.kmod once workbench has been loaded.
That might be the reason why keyboards refuse to work?
I have problems with different (multi button) mouse/keyboard combos under workbench.
The mice only move vertically, horizontally I can make it move when clicking any mouse button, but then only one pixel at a time. (And I do remember this behaviour from early AmigaOS4 versions, probably the first 4.0 release).
Keyboards are more forgiving, most of my test hardware worked under workbench, but not in CFE (not even if I had the switch plugged into the infamous "first USB port").

For "normal" keyboard/mouse combos I see the "lights" on those hardware going off and on again at least once during the boot process (which I assume is the time where mouse and keyboard drivers switch to the ones that are used for the rest of the boot and finally the workbench session).
I have learned that the bootxxx.kmod variants only offer rudimentary support and as such do not work (well) with multimedia mouse/keyboards.

Might be worth checking out?

- If not too complicated, please take a look at the RAM bay interweaving.
Once all four bays are populated and installed RAM goes beyond 4 GB the system will get extremely flaky and crash more often with random accesses or refuse to boot into workbench at all.
I know that AmigaOS can only use 2 GB (for now), but there seems to be a bug in the firmware when it comes to initializion or handling of all four bays.

Thanks a lot

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