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Re: Maximum memory X1000

Subject: Re: Maximum memory X1000
by Raziel on 2019/7/16 6:02:35


I played around with memory sticks and found that my (probably all) hardware seems to be defect when it comes to bank interleaving.

Either that or CFE was never tested with either more than 4 GB in place or all banks populated with modules.

Under WB only 2 GB are visible, i know that, but having (perfectly fine and usable) 4x 4 GB sticks in all the banks, i get sudden hardware(!) shutdowns as soon as i let ragemem run under WB.
It always breaks when it starts testing the L2 cache.

Other programs display that behaviour too, memory hungry stuff, like ScummVM and ResidualVM.

This is with 16 GB and 8 GB in place on interleaved banks (i.e. bank 1 and 3, bank 2 and 4).

2x 16 GB on different banks i can't test due to lack of modules, but 2x 4 GB works perfectly fine under WB (if on different banks), no more sudden shutdown, nothing, stable as a rock, as soon as i plug the other two 4 GB modules in (same developer, same brand, same module) OR i set two of those modules on interleave,i get the dropouts

Also, i found that most of the CFE commands do print their outputs, e.g. "show dramcfg", but for some reason they are sent to serial only, which means i have to log them from another computer.

I do really hope that there will be a CFE update addressing some of the known problems...

I went back to using 2x 4 GB sticks on bank 1 and 2...

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