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Re: Maximum memory X1000

Subject: Re: Maximum memory X1000
by Raziel on 2019/7/1 18:57:29


Anyone know how i can display the current dram settings (in CFE or Workbench)?

There is a tool called "dramcfg" (CFE) which seem to be able to alter some of the dram settings, but the neither that tool nor "show dramcfg" does anything apart from showing it's success (command=0 or something).

There also don't seem to be a program (i was hoping for Ranger or SysMon) that can read out/show the current dram settings.

I'm, talking about "f-core", "memory clock", "CL", "performance mode", "latency", "xaui" and "ecc mode" and such things.

I know it's kind of a "super user" tool as you could easily lock up your machine with the wrong settings (anyone remember the setA1 command? - that was "fun" to play with)

It would be sufficient for me to have the current settings displayed...any idea how to do that?

I tried all of the options from "show dramcfg" and "dramcfg", none seem to work, make a difference or display anything.
Is the "dramcfg" command even supported in CFE or is it just there for early development purposes?


Oh and btw, the CFE manual (Firmware and Booting Guide Version 5 - Pages 8 and 9) regarding the CFE commands is wrong.
There seem to was a bug introduced while compiling the list, since *all* of the "fl" characters were removed for some reason, which makes two commands unusable if used like it was printed in the manual:
dush (which is actually "dflush") and
ash (which is actually "flash")
and lots of the explanation text is also scrambled, namely the whole lot of the "spi" commands.

I rewrote it and made me a proper .pdf, if anybody wants...

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