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Re: What is the AmigaOne XE DMA fix?

Subject: Re: What is the AmigaOne XE DMA fix?
by monomango on 2019/3/12 13:02:43


Great to hear that those documents still exists !

I have the AmigaOne G3-SE.
When I got it it had two blue cables soldered on the back-side, however I would love to know the details of this and to check if it's the full fix applied.

Would it be possible to send me a copy also ?

Besides from what looks like the fix applied, I have the Sii0680 card, a new NEC USB 2.0 card and a Forte sound card installed. However, the machine is very picky, if I remove the USB card then it affects the IDE card and will not allow UDMA 6 mode suddenly. I have 2 GB registered ECC ram installed with no issues.

Thanks a lot !


Thats also very interesting information!
My system seems to have both fixes applied on the back side. However, it still has issues that happens with it. I have disabled the onboard a1 IDE as using UDMA 6 with it would lead to corruptions, and also the onboard USB ports. I am able to use UDMA 6 with the attached Sii0680 IDE and Sii3114 IDE boards if my NEC USB card also is installed in a PCI slot, currently the middle one (..!).
Onboard ethernet seems stable as long as the NEC USB is not used. If I have even a keyboard plugged into the USB NEC card it can suddenly crash the machine when the onboard ethernet is used.. or just by itself. So, I don't use the USB, either onboard or the NEC card.

I'm curious how the machine would act if I removed the fixes and depended on the PCI IDE and USB cards like I do now.. Maybe it would actually be stable, as long as I left the onboard IDE and USB disabled and alone, both in U-BOOT and disable the loading of the drivers in Kicklayout.

By disabling DMA, you mean setting the transfer mode to PIO in U-BOOT as opposed to one of the UDMA options ?
Is there some trick I could do to make the NEC card stable when used ?

Thanks for the information!

EDIT: I got hold of the Eyetech docs, and also looked at the backside of my board. The only fix that seems to be installed is two wires going from the ArticiaS to the 3com Ethernet chip. Maybe they routed it to two exclusive PCI signaling pins. Not sure of the details, yet.
My board definitely still has the DMA issue, apparent when using USB.
Maybe I should apply the fix from ArticiaS northbridge to the VIA southbridge.

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